17 chapters · 25 hours 57 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Japanese

10 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Mimosa

  • Alyssum

  • eucalyptus ①

  • eucalyptus ②

  • Greens such as ferns

  • Mimosa and green pitcher arrangement

  • Yukiyagi

  • Mimosa and Yukiyanagi card

  • alphabet decoration

  • Pitcher Arrangement Application Card

Skills You’ll Learn

Tips and tricks for using tools that make drawing easy

I'll learn how to use “Illustrator” from the basics and tell you the essence of design.

The way of thinking about deformation and positive techniques

I'll tell you techniques to change the illustrations to look more like that.

Three-dimensional pitcher arrangement with a sense of depth

You will learn the key points for making voluminous, three-dimensional paintings.

How to use different materials and techniques

Reuse parts. This is one of the key features of Illustrator.

How to match fonts

By understanding the different impressions of fonts, there is no doubt about choosing a font.

How to make “My Material Collection”

How to make and use your own “My Material Collection”

Hello, I'm Horimari, a graphic designer.

Here are some great video lessons for beginners that might seriously change your future.

This class is an essential design tool for designers while watching careful video materials” IllustratorMy goal is to be able to make a little, no, pretty nice design using the software called”.

” IllustratorI think most people use the software called” for the first time, so while learning how to use it from the basics, it will be a class where you will also be taught the essence of design.

Tips and tricks for using tools that make drawing easy even for the first time

From among the many tool groups, I will tell you how to use tools and tips that allow you to easily create illustrations even for the first time.

IllustratorThe best part about is that you can efficiently create illustrations depending on your ingenuity without having to make all of them. I'll teach you how to do that.

Deformations that are important in illustration production

Ways of thinking and positive techniques

Instead of creating an illustration that looks exactly like the real thing, how to simplify the real thing and make it look like that is the way of thinking and techniques that form the basis for an illustration with a taste like this one.

You will learn how to think about design so that everyone can freely deform various things.

If it's just a simplified illustration, it's flat like a child's drawing, and it won't be a work like this one.

I will tell you a technique to change an illustration that looks more like that by adding what kind of expression to the deformed one.

Three-dimensional pitcher arrangement with a sense of depth

Even if you arrange the illustration materials you have created as they are, there is no three-dimensional effect or depth. You will learn the key points for creating voluminous, three-dimensional pictures even when drawing on a flat surface.

In order to add nuance and atmosphere to an illustration, it is important to have supporting characters other than the leading role. While bringing out reality, I will tell you how to bring out the nuances unique to illustrations.

How to use different materials and techniques!

And even how to match fonts!

Reuse parts. Once this can be done, the range of production will expand at once. This IllustratorIt is one of the key features.

I will tell you some points to improve the degree of perfection as a work. By knowing the key points, you will be able to create a sophisticated impression even when creating original works in the future.

Which one will you choose from so many fonts? Each font has a different impression. By understanding that, you won't get lost in choosing a font.

It doesn't look beautiful if you just put material on top of the letters. Here are some tips on how to effectively express well-balanced beauty in terms of design.

Introducing how to make Horimari's weapon “My Material Collection”

As a bonus chapter, by skillfully managing materials, we will specially teach only students how to make and use their own “My Material Collection”.





Printing company design department as graphic designerAfter that, he gained experience at a design production company. After that, he became independent and established “Horimari Creative Works” after being recommended by customers who highly praised it.

In parallel, design and design marketing classes are given to a total of over 6,000 students at the Design and Branding School M&M.

Currently, along with design work, he is a designer training instructor, and runs an online video course called the “Petit Designer Course.” It has become a hot topic of conversation about a course like no other where beginners can learn both techniques for design applications (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.) and how to think about design. The one-on-one design consultation course with Horimari is popular.

Have you ever thought, “If you could shape the design you envision in your head”? Have you ever felt “if you could make it yourself without asking a designer”? Let's make those thoughts and feelings come true concretely together with Horimari on this course.

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