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5 Class Projects

It takes about 1 to 8 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Store name logo

  • symbol mark

  • packagings

  • Wrapping paper (pattern)

  • Poster (main visual)

Skills You’ll Learn

Original design for logos and labels

You'll learn everything from how to come up with ideas for logos, labels, etc., to rough drafts and clean documents.

Paper design production

You will learn how to create data for submitting paper designs.

Create a main visual by combining logos, labels, etc.

You will learn the flow and method of creating a main visual by combining created logos, labels, etc.

Retro graphic design created with illustrations and typography

“I don't really understand how to use Illustrator etc.”

“I can draw simple illustrations, but I can't design.”

“I want to create graphics that combine illustration and typography in a well-balanced manner.”

This class is an introductory design course [using illustrations to create logos, packaging, main visuals, etc.] for such people. I will introduce the “flow from rough draft to completion” that professional illustrators do in their everyday work.

Why don't you learn tips on layouts and color schemes and learn know-how to create original logo designs and goods?

Expected effects after taking the course

・You can understand a series of design tasks, from coming up with an idea to turning it into submission data

・You will be able to design using the various functions of Illustrator

・You can learn how to develop designs from logos to main visuals

Recommended classes for people like this

・Those who are interested in logos and package design

・Those who want to learn design techniques from professionals working on the front line

・Those who want to master Illustrator

When taking the course

The class uses PC versions of Illustrator and Photoshop. Photoshop can be replaced with Clip Studio, ProCreate, or tracing paper. The class was recorded in Illustrator CS5 (Adobe Illustrator 2020) version in 2022/3. The recommended version is CS5 or later.

There is no problem with Photoshop if it is an environment where you can draw illustrations with a tablet pen, such as an iPad, etc., but a PC is recommended for Illustrator work.

3 reasons why this class is special

① The design production flow of creators active on the front lines will be shown to the public

The class will introduce the graphic design production process from the beginning.

You can deepen your design knowledge, from the basics of design ideas to rough design, how to use Illustrator, etc., to the flow from layout, color schemes, and submission data. You can learn detailed know-how such as how to draw illustrations, how to create title logos that match visuals, and color schemes for designs.

② Learn how to use Illustrator in detail

This is a class where both those who are not good at drawing illustrations and those who are new to design can acquire skills. I will introduce the functions of Illustrator, such as tips for fine-tuning lines for a retro finish and tips for improving the quality of designs.

③ Learn how to develop retro and cute fantasy brand designs

Learn tips for creating retro designs with the atmosphere of the Meiji and Taisho eras. In class, we will design the logo, symbol mark, wrapping paper, and main visual for an imaginary cosmetics manufacturer called “Taisho Romando.” Create retro cute visuals with illustrations and color schemes that don't feel out of place even when incorporated into modern designs while retaining an analog feel.





Graphic designer/illustrator

After graduating from the Department of Design at Bunsei University of Art from Yamanashi Prefecture, I worked in the field of advertisement design, toy design, and package design before creating designs as an in-house designer for an event company.

Currently, I'm also working as a freelancer, designing in various genres, such as novel cover design, package design, and logo design.

Main activities/work history

“The King of Cosmetics” Shogakukan bookbinding/illustration design

Studio Ghibli Retro Frame Series designs, etc.

Creator Interviews

Q. What kind of activities do you usually do?

A. I do graphic design with a focus on illustrations. We produce designs of various genres, such as package design and logo design, with a focus on key visuals for events. Also, recently, I have been designing covers for novels and designing copyrighted items such as anime goods.

Q. What led you to become an illustrator/graphic designer?

A. My father runs a signboard shop, and because of that influence, I liked drawing pictures and making things from an early age. Influenced by that, he went on to the University of the Arts. After graduation, while I was involved in design work, I began designing using my own illustrations.

Q. What is the reason for offering online classes with CLASS101?

A. There are a variety of illustrators and designers, and I wanted to design together with the people who took the course because they were interested in my work.

This is because I personally feel that design work is quite a lonely job, so I was looking for a place where everyone could enjoy creating together.

Q. Please give a message to the students.

A. Thank you so much for looking at my illustrations and designs and taking interest in them! At first glance, it looks like a complicated illustration/design, but in fact, I'm not that good at drawing illustrations either. Why don't you make a cute design together using my unique production method?







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