Skills You’ll Learn

Basics of Private Equity Investments A-Z

We'll tell you when, where, and how to invest in unlisted stocks.

How to evaluate the valuation of unlisted shares as an example

I will explain actual investment examples such as SK Bioscience, Krafton, and Market College

You'll have to pay a lot of taxes in the future.

We will tell you how to save taxes and how to file a tax return after investing in unlisted stocks.

 마음 편하게 투자하고 싶지 않으세요? 해답은 비상장 주식투자

▶ ︎ Don't you want to invest comfortably? The answer is investing in privately held stocks

300% yield for 6 months

400% yield within 1 year! You can do it too

주식 매도 계약서 일부 발췌

Excerpt from the stock sale agreement

Do you only listen to stock quotes in real time every day? Have you been studying hard and not getting a return on your investment? It's been less than a year, so I think there are many people who are wondering if this profit is right. My course consists of practical examples of direct investment and profit.

In addition, it is easy to learn and follow because it is structured from the basics to practical examples and applications.

But “investing in unlisted stocks”

What exactly is it? 🤔

비상장 주식 투자란?

Investing in unlisted stocks is an investment method that is not listed on a stock exchange but invests in promising companies in advance before listing to make a profit after listing.

Examples of companies that were privately held until recently but were listed (date and time of listing)

  • SX Bar XX Science 2021/3/18
  • KXFTON August 10, 2021
  • Car XX Games September 10, 2020
  • Car XX Bank August 6, 2021

Why should I invest in unlisted stocks? 🤔

비상장 주식투자 어떤 장점들이 있을까?

💙 Invest in stocks that everyone knows.

💙 Take advantage of market volatility.

💙 Invest ahead and wait on the road.

💙 Most of them are profitable within a year.

💙Investing in the latest technology and trends makes it easier to identify market trends.

Warren Buffett, known as a leading value investor

He also made a privately held investment.

 씨즈 캔디에 대하여

▶ ︎ About Seeds Candy

It's easy for many people to think of Warren Buffett as a simple value investor. However, Warren Buffett is a corporate hunter, venture, and private investment expert. National Identity, an insurance company invested by Warren Buffett, is a privately held company. Season Candy, a candy company invested by Warren Buffett, is also a privately held company.

In addition to the above two companies, Warren Buffett mainly made various private investments. This is because privately held investments had a better return on investment than listed companies.

The key reason why such a return on investment is possible

Information accessibility is reduced.
-> In other words, with a little effort, it is possible to obtain information faster than others.

Competition is low.
-> It is a less competitive or non-competitive market than a securities market where an absolute majority competes.

Private investing is a real way to make money.

“I don't know... Can someone like me do it?”

Of course it's possible. Anyone can do it!

코넥스 / K-OTC 시총 상위기업 비교

▶ ︎ Comparison of top companies in the CONNEX/K-OTC market

  • For novice investors, I will give a lecture on the entire market.
  • As well as 38 Communications and Peace Stock, which are existing dealer markets
  • Learn about CONNEX, a market run by the government, and the K-OTC market.

There's also a startup platform.

 증권플러스 비상장(두나무) / 서울거래소 (피엑스엑스) / 엔젤리그 (캡박스)

▶ ︎ Securities Plus Private Listing (Doo Namu)/Seoul Exchange (PFX)/Angel League (Capbox)

In addition to traditional analog investment methods

In line with current trends, we will introduce platforms, study investment methods, and characteristics of each platform.

It is easy to understand by learning through practical examples.

상장 전 매각, 상장 후 매각 세금이 다르다

▶ ︎ Taxes on sale before listing and sale after listing are different

  • Here are some examples of stocks that have actually been invested in.
  • We will tell you the know-how of why, when, and how you invested.
  • Each item has a different profit history and different strategies.

Pre-IPO investment analysis and post-listing investment

Let me compare the results of these two.

크래프톤 상승 가능성 분석

▶ ︎ Analysis of the possibility of Krafton's rise

At the time of the seminar in the second half of 2020, there was still room for XFTON to rise by more than 100%. I was already making over 50% profit, but I didn't sell it.

Currently, it is making a profit close to 400%.

Invest in unlisted stocks!

Learn from proven experts

The reason I can make this kind of investment is because of my career. I gained financial knowledge through my first job, Mirae Asset Securities. After that, I worked for a consulting firm and met various small businesses. In addition, I invested in various assets by running an independent investment company. We invest in listed stocks, unlisted stocks, foreign stocks, real estate investments, and corporate mergers and acquisitions consulting.

For this reason, I have a wide range of investment knowledge from unlisted stocks to listed stocks, and I incorporate this experience into investing.

A privately held investment can be invested without looking into a chart.
I'm not stressed by the daily ups and downs of stock prices.
You can go to work and invest in what you use, eat, and see.

Present) CEO of Hexagon Investment Consulting (Specializing in Investments, Venture Investments, and Private Equity Investments)

- HAngel Fund No. 1-7 is in operation (total operating scale of 5 billion as of October 2021)

Present) Busan Changgong Demo Day Jury

Present) AI Entrepreneurship Contest Mentor

Present) A Jewish investor in the 10th year of NH Investment Securities

Former) MTN Money Today Broadcasting Overseas Investment Securities Expert Regular Panel

Former) SBSCNBC Foreign Investment Securities Expert Regular Panel

Former) Consultant specializing in overseas expansion of Hebron Star Co., Ltd. (2 years)

Former) Market Analyst at Mirae Asset Securities Indonesia Branch (2.5 years)

I'm not just an investment expert, but I'm investing in action. Every year, I pay hundreds of millions of won in taxes on privately held stocks, foreign stocks, real estate, and I publish all of these details through my blog and platform.

I'm a venture capitalist.

Also, I am a friend and mentor to the representatives of investee companies.

From now on, I will be your mentor for privately held venture investment.

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Hello, I'm Kim Jae-wook, who would like to tell you about investing in privately held shares.


Foundations: Startup Investment Environment


Basics:: Private investment is easy


Basics:: A-Z of unlisted investments


Basics: Understanding privately held investment platforms


Practice:: Analysis of unlisted stocks and when to buy and sell them? _ Part 1


Practice:: Analysis of unlisted stocks and when to buy and sell them? _ Part 2


Practice:: Investment case


Application:: Let's analyze it together.


Mindset before starting an investment





I'm Kim Jae-wook, who runs Hexagon, an early stage corporate investment company.

In addition to being an early stage company, it is also very active in the secondary (unlisted stock) market. In the meantime, privately held investments and venture startup investments have been the exclusive property of institutions and high-net-worth individuals.

I have prepared a course to let you know that even individuals can fully invest if they study a little. Any investment opportunity comes from scarcity. Invest in a market where there are not many competitors due to vague difficulties rather than an investment made by everyone else.

This is an important sentence that I always repeat to investors.

“There's nothing to eat at a rumored feast.”

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