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Hanji flowers like fresh flowers
7 Class Projects

It takes about 1-2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Hanji giant flower

  • poppy diffuser

  • Peony

  • Camellia

  • Sunflowers calling for money

  • eucalyptus bouquet

  • Dyed hydrangeas

Skills You’ll Learn

Basic Geological Crafts

Understanding Hanji, how to use each tool, and precautions

Giant flower technique

Giant flower making techniques and application methods

A meticulous and realistic way of presentation

Expression of petals and leaves like real flowers, and how to create stems

Know-how to use Hanji flowers

No ordinary vases! A unique and diverse way to create

Hanji gradation dyeing technique

How to dye to express your own special color

A “Jihwa Craft” class guaranteed by over 800 offline students!

Hello, I'm Imina, Hanji Florist. The offline Jihwa Craft class is so popular that there are people who usually run 2-3 hours to Jeju Island, Gangwon Province, and Namhae! I decided to hold an online class so that more people can easily experience Hanji Flower.

Eco-friendly materials with good light transmittance can express the natural flower feeling more vividly. Let's express the warm and subtle beauty of Han Ji through this class!

Satisfaction is doubled due to effort

“Isn't it a living flower?” This is what people who have tried the actual class say the most when they see Hanji Flower. In fact, Hanji flowers take a lot of care to bloom in order to make them feel like fresh flowers. For those who have actually tried the class “Why is time going so fast?” Say a lot of things like that. As much as you focus on it, you can create a finished work, and it can also be used as a hobby for killing time!

You don't have to be dexterous!

I prepared it so that even beginners can create an easy yet complete work. We've created a step-by-step curriculum with adjusted difficulty levels so that even beginners who are new to making flowers can easily follow. I'm going to share with you a lot of know-how that can make people who say, “I don't have dexterity,” and become rich.

A special offer that can only be found in Class 101!

offline Only the most popular works were included in one class. In the offline course, you can go through the basic course and create each work that can only be created through intermediate and advanced courses at once through this class. You'll also learn special flower techniques that weren't revealed offline. We want to give you an endless amount of techniques and know-how through this class, so if you don't apply, you'll regret it!

For those of you who have already done flower arrangements and paper flowers

Acquire advanced skills that have been upgraded even more!

It overcomes the limitations of paper flowers and contains content that only Hanji Hana can do. From my own flowers, techniques of delicate expression, to methods that I can make by dyeing my own colors rather than a fixed color I configured it in a variety of ways. Enjoy a more advanced course!

It combines beauty and practicality!

This class doesn't end after making Hanji Flower, I'm also going to make accessories that can be used for each flower. From diffusers to LED picture frames to flower bouquets! Complete Hanji flowers with practical accessories.

My house photo zone completed with “Giant Flowers”

A giant flower that can create a special atmosphere just by dropping it off! I'll show you how to make a giant flower out of Hanji and my own know-how to make it beautiful even with a bear hand.

Once created, it can be used indefinitely! Use it as a home party, a photo zone in your room, or as an interior accessory.

There is no craft of cutting and pasting materials that have been created!

Color the petals with your favorite color.

“Can't I make flowers of my own color?” A dyeing technique that can maximize the feeling of natural chemistry by dyeing in the color of one's own choiceI'll also let you know.

Because the size, color, and shape are different Techniques for making various petals that make use of the feeling of flowersI'll also tell you about After the class is stubborn, you will be able to apply some kind of flower to make it.

How to express branches and leaves to reduce the impression of a model

A careful way to express branches and leaves is the key to making the most of the realism! I'll show you expressions to reduce failure.

Finally, don't just make a single flower, make it a branch In the form of a hanging flower or a branchI would like to teach you how to apply it so that you can make it with.

Why don't you indulge in the charm of Hanji flowers and Hanji flowers, which are so precious to me?





I'm Hanji Flower Artist and Hanji Florist Imina. Handream is a compound word of HANDS and DREAM, meaning “a dream made by hand.” I expressed myself feeling a small sense of happiness and fulfillment and running towards a big dream through Hanji crafts created from one to ten by hand. Currently, there are few people doing jihwa crafts (hanji flower crafts), and there are only a few people around the country, and they are making flowers in Hanji by reinterpreting them in a modern way, continuing the tradition that is disappearing from Handream. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Hanji Flower to many people. We have prepared to share the soft touch and subtle beauty through our Hanji, which is recognized around the world, so we appreciate your interest:)



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