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4 Class Projects

It takes about 1-5 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • American cherry blossom petal earrings

  • Seashell hoop earrings

  • ginkgo brooch

  • mistletoe necklace

Skills You’ll Learn

From how to draw up a design to how to copy

It can also be used in the production and application of original works.

How to use wires

Learn how to use wire and freely embroider in three dimensions.

How to tailor it into an accessory

Learn how to tailor earrings, necklaces, brooches, etc.

Would you like to learn [three-dimensional embroidery] from a professional embroidery artist?

In this class, we have a lot of workshop experience, and “embroidery for both work and hobby!” I will learn the technique of [three-dimensional embroidery] from a professional embroidery artist called, and create cute and elegant accessories that can be used both on and off.

In class, organza fabric is used, and the back side is neatly finished so that it looks beautiful no matter what angle you look at it from.

Why don't you learn the techniques that professional embroidery artists have cultivated over many years and make your own accessories?


It's cute but classy, and it's great for young girls, working women, and moms and grandmothers! Of course, it's also for men who like cute things and want to try embroidery.

You can make embroidered accessories that look cute and elegant both on and off!

Let's create a work together with free embroidery as if it were playing, with the theme of “nuisashi play.”


I will make accessories with three-dimensional embroidery using wire

In this class, you will create 4 works from the introductory to intermediate level.

Even those who are completely new to embroidery can take the course without worry. I will also teach you how to use glitter embroidery thread, which is different from general cotton embroidery thread.

I embroider using an organza fabric where you can see through the needlework on the other side so that even beginners don't pierce their fingers.



[What you will learn in this class]

  • How to use and choose embroidery tools
  • Knowledge of materials and embroidery threads used in embroidery
  • A three-dimensional embroidery technique called stamp work
  • Assembling accessory parts
  • Wirework tips
  • Combinations of colors and materials, and designs


[Recommended for people like this]

  • Those who like embroidery
  • Those who like embroidery but think it's somehow difficult
  • Beginner-level embroidery beginner to intermediate
  • Those who want to learn three-dimensional embroidery techniques and expand their range of expression
  • Those who like colorful
  • Those who like glitter
  • Those who want to make what they want
  • Those who want to enjoy a leisurely hobby at home


A full selection of kits selected by creator Kana

For those who are new to embroidery, we have prepared an “all-in-one kit” that has all the tools necessary for class, and a “basic kit” for those who have basic embroidery tools.

Plus, you can choose which earring or earring to use to finish each piece!

By combining carefully selected glitter threads, gradation threads, and beads that match the atmosphere of the work, you can enjoy a finish that looks beautiful even when hanging.




Needlework author kana

Needlework author kana

Born in Toyama. I learned metal crafts when I was a student. After working as an assistant to an embroidery artist, she became independent.

Combining detailed hand embroidery with colorful materials under the theme of “play with nuisashi,” he creates three-dimensional and flat works with free embroidery as if playing. We sell embroidery kits and hold embroidery workshops to enjoy time at home.

Embroidery lessons will be streamed for free on Instagram every Wednesday from 21:00.

Creator Interviews

Q. What kind of activities does the teacher do? Please tell us a little bit about your teacher!

Create three-dimensional and flat works by combining detailed hand embroidery and colorful materials under the theme of “play with nuisashi.”

We regularly hold embroidery workshops in Tokyo.

Q. How did your teacher get started with 000?

My very first embroidery experience was in nursery school!

It was paper embroidery for educational toys. There are holes in the cardboard, and if you pierce the holes in order with a needle through which the yarn is passed, the picture is completed, and I remember solving it many times and playing around with it.

I started the technique called three-dimensional embroidery when I received an order for a hair ornament for a friend's wedding.

My hands were dexterous from the beginning, and I learned metal crafts at university, so wire and 3D were my specialty fields. I went through trial and error because I wanted to celebrate my precious friend by making something that only I could make.

Q. Why did you offer online classes with CLASS101?

Interest in how to spend time at home has increased due to the COVID-19 vortex, and the number of people interested in embroidery has increased. This is because I felt that there was a demand for online lessons due to the COVID-19 vortex.

Q. What points did you put the most effort into when planning the class?

We have incorporated basic content so that even complete beginners can complete the work well.

Q. What kind of experience do you want the students to have through this class?

I want to convey the excitement and joy of “being able to make what I want by myself”!

I want people who are far away and can't attend workshops in Tokyo to learn about the fun of embroidery online!

Q. Please give a message to the students!

Embroidery thread is a very nice material that can be freely expressed, such as making it look like a child's graffiti or an elaborate painting, depending on how you use it and how you sew it. I would be happy if you had a fun embroidery time without feeling bothered if it was difficult!

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