8 chapters · 7 hours 22 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Japanese

5 Class Projects

It takes about About 1 to 2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • heart hair elastic

  • ribbon pony hook

  • swan brooch

  • shell hair clip

  • Mokuba back charm

Skills You’ll Learn

Basic stitches for bead embroidery

Practice basic stitching by making simple motifs

How to embroider sequins

Sequins are embroidered using 2 different techniques

A clean way to finish

How to sew sequins with beads

How to process accessories

Fancy items and adult-cute items using beads and sequins

Today is a good day for bead embroidery!

I'm Hamano Ai who runs the glitter fungy bead embroidery accessory brand monbijou (monbijou)!

Kirakira ☆ Why don't you fall in love with the cute world of bead embroidery?

Beginners are fine too!

In this class, you will learn basic stitches for bead embroidery, how to do sequin embroidery, how to make beautiful finishes, and how to process accessories.

If you start with a simple motif and learn the basic stitching, you can even try big works!

Also, all the materials necessary to create works are kitted for each chapter so that they are easy to understand and easy to make.

Since shapes are made from scratch with beads, it is also possible for anyone to easily create original works.

I will teach you carefully and in an easy-to-understand manner!

I think there are many people who think bead embroidery is difficult. It's certainly a detailed process, but once you learn the basic techniques, you can make it steadily, so I'm looking forward to the completion.

The finished motif is finished into an accessory that is easy to use everyday.

Adult-cute work that you can complete with your own hands

As a feature of the work, I chose fancy items and adult-cute items as motifs using gently colored beads and sequins.

Cute animals and ribbons and shells that girls love.

That kind of “cute!” The motif filled with is embroidered with sparkling beads and sequins to create a work. I'm also looking forward to completing it and using it.

Please try making it with excitement and excitement when it's ready!



Ai Hamano

Ai Hamano

Q. What led you to work as an illustrator in Japan?

A. I've been drawing digital illustrations since I was a high school student, but after I graduated from university, I worked for a Japanese design company, and when it came to fiddling with computers all day long, I admired the analog world instead. I thought I'd collect watercolor tools with a light feeling and draw a dumpling I saw at a convenience store one day. The first time I tried drawing food with watercolor, I immediately fell in love with it. There are many beautiful foods in Japan, and I want to try them all, so I combined the world of art and food to become a food illustrator.

Q. What kind of experiences do you want the students to have through this class?

A. I want people to experience recreating food with their own hands, knowing that it's not just something to eat, but a work of art. I want to create a class where I can draw wonderful pictures and create new hobbies while remembering tastes!

Q. Please give a message to the students!

A. Food connects the world! Let's eat lots of delicious food, draw lots of delicious illustrations, and create a delicious world together!

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