3 Class Projects

It takes about 1 to 3 hours to complete one class project.

  • Flower motif earrings

  • curved earring

  • Mokumoku brooch

Skills You’ll Learn

Various bead embroidery expressions made with a sewing needle

You will learn various methods of expression by combining beads and sequins with a sewing needle.

You can also create applied works

Even if you can't design, you will be able to create original works using familiar shapes as hints.

The art of haute couture embroidery

You can learn authentic techniques used in the field of haute couture.

The sparkling and cute world of haute couture bead embroidery

In this class, we will create 3 cute and sparkling accessories using a hand-sewn haute couture embroidery technique made with a needle. I use a normal needle that everyone is familiar with, so I don't feel that it's difficult. There are a wide range of expressions that can only be made with a needle. Now, when I go to bookstores, there are several handicraft books for bead embroidery, but I'll tell you about haute couture techniques that aren't listed in the books, are hard to remove even after washing, and are used in person, so be sure to try them out!

Effects you can expect after taking the course

  • Learn the basics of haute couture embroidery
  • Embroidered works can now be tailored as accessories
  • You can create your own original work

Recommended classes for people like this

  • For those who are new to haute couture embroidery
  • Those who have done thread embroidery but are new to bead embroidery
  • Those who have been self-taught bead embroidery until now
  • Those who want to create original works
  • Those who like the glittering world of haute couture
  • Those who want to learn how to embroider with solid beads that are hard to remove even after washing

When you take the course

This class sells kits selected by creators. Please see “Go see the kit” for kit details and recommended materials and tools for taking this class.

Recommended points of the kit

  • Mainly used beads and sequins, which are rare in Japan, imported directly from France
  • I put in enough beads to make two parts

Q. Do I have to buy a kit?

A. If you already have materials, you don't necessarily need to buy them. This class mainly uses French materials, and since it is difficult to obtain them in Japan, I recommend those who purchase a kit to get started right away.

Q. Is it possible for a complete beginner to complete the work?

A. Of course it's fine. Everything is embroidered with a normal needle that is familiar to everyone, so there is no need for difficult techniques. The beads are small, so you'll need a little patience, but even those who haven't done handicrafts since elementary school home economics are fine! Let's take on the challenge together.

Two reasons why this class is so special

With haute couture embroidery, I will make 2 types of earrings, a brooch, and 3 accessories

Haute couture may seem like an exclusive and distant world, but in this course, I designed casual accessories that are easy to wear even in everyday life using authentic techniques and materials.

Also for creating your own original work

Even after taking this class, you can try creating your own original work.

It's okay if you can't design. Let's make it by applying familiar shapes and favorite color combinations.

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Flower motif earrings (earrings)


Curved earrings (earrings)


Mokumoku brooch



13 years of embroidery experience

Crochet de luneville (French Lunéville embroidery)

Aariwork (Indian Ali embroidery)

Learn each haute couture embroidery technique

Work experience in an embroidery atelier

Activities as an embroidery accessory artist

Currently, products are handled at Towada Art Center


2018 Naturilla

2017 Accessory Magazine “My Accessory Style”


AomoriTV Wacchi appearances etc..


2020 new jewelry 2020

2018 new jewelry 2018 @arts chiyoda 3331

2017 Limited Shop by Sezon Museum in Intercontinental Yokohama Grand Hotel


2013 hacchiichi in hachinohe

2013 umedahankyu, gallery & market

Handling at CinraStore

[Creator Interview]

Q. What kind of activities do you do?

I learned two haute couture embroidery techniques: Lunéville embroidery, which is a French haute couture embroidery technique, and aliwork for Indian haute couture embroidery.

After that, he experienced working as an embroiderer at an embroidery atelier in Japan and worked as an embroidery accessory artist of his own.

As an artist, I have exhibited at events in Tokyo, appeared in magazines and TV media, and handled works at art museums.

Q. How did you get into haute couture embroidery?

When I was a teenager, I was a student who loved fashion and fashion everywhere. I still remember one day learning about the world of haute couture embroidery on the internet and being shocked by its high level of technology and glittering world.

I thought I liked clothes, but I realized that I liked the decorative parts of clothes, especially the embroidered parts.

From there, I went to haute couture embroidery classes in earnest and started my own career as an accessory artist.

Q. Why did CLASS101 offer online classes?This is so that everyone can enjoy haute couture embroidery.

When I was going to learn how to embroider haute couture, there were no online lessons, and I went every month from rural areas carrying large embroidery frames, so I think it was difficult to attend even though it was a fun learning time. It's hard to attend that kind of online lesson and the time doesn't fit, but I want to learn it! I wanted to start a class for those who say that.

Q. What kind of experience do you want students to have through this class?

I think I'd be happy if everyone was able to make their own cute accessories and accessories, and fashion would be even more fun!


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