10 chapters · 18 hours 4 minutes
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Using beads, sequins, and threads
5 Class Projects

It takes about 2 to 40 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • needle case

  • flower embroidery frame

  • 2 types of flower brooches & 2 types of patterns and applications

  • alphabet pouch

  • Alphabet application

Skills You’ll Learn

French embroidery tool description and how to use various materials

To make it easier for you to try embroidery even if you are new to embroidery, I will start step by step with basic knowledge of embroidery.

Let's start by practicing step by step from the basics

Learn everything from the basics of haute couture embroidery to three-dimensional embroidery.

Various haute couture stitching techniques

You will learn various bead-stitch techniques and learn how to use them.

How to embroider with various materials and stitching techniques

Learn how to apply various materials and stitching techniques through 18 floral motifs.

How to use designs on brooches and everyday accessories

Look at the pattern and learn how to use it in everyday life, such as brooches, clothes, and accessories.

How to use bead embroidery and three-dimensional embroidery on everyday accessories

Learn how to embroider your initials using beads on clothes or pouches to create a complete look.

The beauty of original European embroidery,

Introducing haute couture embroidery.

Haute couture embroidery is a gorgeous embroidery technique with thread Beads, sequins, etc., as well as numerous ornaments and various materialsIt is a beautiful traditional embroidery work that can be freely embroidered and completed using colorful, delicate, and creative expressions. This class includes bead embroidery and three-dimensional embroidery courses incorporating haute couture embroidery techniques, starting with the basics of embroidery, where you can learn new and attractive techniques.

Using traditional French embroidery techniques and various materials and beads Mantouz techniqueYou'll learn how to embroider using. It is similar to traditional embroidery, but I will introduce ways to experiment with and express various materials using new techniques and new stitching methods. New techniques using new materials can be strange and difficult, but the delicate and beautiful embroidery techniques that are different from traditional embroidery are really fascinating.

Embroiderers from many luxury fashion brands, right I love and use various expressions of haute couture embroidery. In class so that I can add a special touch to the clothes and accessories I own Tips for delicate finishing on clothing or accessoriesLet me introduce them together!

Traditional techniques that add dignity are the same,

But I'll let you know easily

I wanted to introduce the colorful and beautiful techniques of traditional embroidery in a cute and cozy way with a slightly more accessible level of difficulty. I greet you with my own sensibility, but I Various traditional techniques encountered in FranceI'll introduce you step by step.

Taking advantage of the appeal of haute couture embroidery along with embroidery expressed only in thread, we can properly meet embroidery techniques unique to Hello Happy, which deals with more new and diverse materials, and further Upgrading your embroidery skills to an advanced levelIt will be time to do it.

Along with more than 20 basic three-dimensional embroidery techniques

It contains more than 9 kinds of traditional bead embroidery techniques

New techniques of haute couture embroidery are introduced, and the curriculum is well prepared so that even those who are new to embroidery can learn as diverse as possible by practicing step by step so that anyone can follow along stubbornly, if they trust me, practice, and follow along slowly.

While learning about haute couture embroidery, you can use a wide range of materials from ordinary fabrics to silk fabrics, along with the use of various auxiliary materials, so it will be an opportunity to learn how to express embroidery freely and in three dimensions in more diverse places.

It deals with original European embroidery materials

Know-how kit

We have prepared beautiful beads and sequins of better quality, as well as new materials that can be used for embroidery, so that you can fully enjoy original European embroidery in your space. Embroidering will become even more fun if you meet beautiful new materials and embroider them.

Haute couture embroidery loved by fashion brands,

Now it's time to embellish everyday life

After learning basic stitches, making needle cases, embroidering flower petals, and learning rich expressions, you'll also develop the ability to apply them yourself. We have also included all alphabet designs from A to Z that can contain your own meaning, so use them to directly add something special to your own props.

I'll show you how to apply haute couture embroidery to everyday life and various tips on how to finish it on clothes and accessories in a complete way, so please watch the video and follow them carefully. If you add carefully finished embroidery to your everyday accessories and favorite clothes, it will be more precious and special. Make everyday life a little more enjoyable with embroidery that combines shiny materials and cozy threads.





Hallo I'm Hello Happy Kim Min-ah, an embroidery artist. I like creating something with all my heart and focus.

The embroidery I stumbled upon while busy as a product designer gave me a sense of appreciation and appreciation for the ordinary and small changes around me that I can only feel if I focus slowly. Through embroidery, I am learning how to live slowly but without being lazy and focusing on small happiness.

I am working as an embroidery artist, embroidery teacher, and YouTuber, introducing the gratitude and joy I learned from embroidery in two embroidery books.

Embroidery brought my passion back to my normal everyday life, and allowed me to study embroidery in Paris, France. I would like to share the precious heart I gained from meeting this charming embroidery and the beauty of embroidery, introduce works that contain the color and sensibility of Hello Happy, and meet them in classes.





헬로해피 스튜디오(재료&패키지구매)

헬로해피 스튜디오(재료&패키지구매)

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