With gold thread and 8 kinds of stitches
7 Class Projects

It takes about 5 to 7 hours to complete one class project.

  • Alphabet embroidery A

  • Alphabet number B

  • Alphabet embroidery C

  • Alphabetical number a

  • Gold fruit embroidery mat

  • Blue tassel embroidery mat

  • flower pendant brooch

Skills You’ll Learn

Getting started with French embroidery

I will introduce the basic tools of French embroidery and practice the stitches required for the work.

Features and uses of gold

I'll tell you the features of Special Agent and how to use it.

Alphabet embroidery with a jewel-like feel

You can create gorgeous embroidery with gold thread and cotton thread that feels like a jewel.

Create a tassel

Let's make a tassel and apply it not only to mats, but also to bags and handmade pins.

How to make a flower pendant and use it as a small item

You can make a flower pendant and use it as a daily accessory like a brooch.

Luxurious and colorful embroidery embroidered with gold thread

Hallo Nice to meet you. I can't help but be an embroidery creator. I mainly study embroidery patterns and share them as kits. I am also the author of “Gorgeous Decorative Embroidery to Turn Everyday Life into Art” and “Jewel-like Alphabet Embroidery with Gold Thread”.

In this class Gold companyI'm going to use to make jewel-like alphabet embroidery, embroidery mats, and flower pendants.

A lot of people find it difficult to do a special agent like Geumsa Know-how to deal with gold I'll let you know. As you complete the works one by one, you'll get used to dealing with gold and history, and you'll feel that it's easy to handle.

Embroider your own initials that look like works

In class uppercase letters A, B, C with lowercase aI'm going to learn. After learning the 4 alphabets A to Z You can also create your own initials by looking at the pattern on the alphabet embroidery book.

A sensible and thoughtful gift

Alphabet embroidery is a great decoration while engraving your own initials. If you take a small suitcase and spend a little time, it will turn ordinary clothes and accessories into special items.

You can also give a sensible and thoughtful gift to a family member or friend. It would also be great as a point for kids' clothes.:)

알파벳자수 A의 베리에이션Variations of letter embroidery A

You can feel that the feel of the alphabet varies a lot depending on the color of the base cloth.

I think it would go well with both red and black fabrics. You can also embroil it first like this, then cut it small, apply it, and attach it to your clothes or bag.

unique and colorful embroidered tea mat

It may seem difficult, but this class consists of works that can be completed even if you only know 8 different stitches.

Blue tassel embroidery mat that looks like a jewel

It's a mat that only requires getting used to a few repetitive patterns to complete.

How to make a tasselet How to finish a mat by handI'll also let you know, so don't worry, follow along.

What is embroidery Time to clear your thoughts and focusI'll bring it to you. If you follow them carefully, you will see wonderful finished products ♡

Leave your everyday worries behind for a while and fill your time with beautifully colored threads, shiny gold yarn, and a small wooden handbag. It will be a time to recharge.

With eye-catching embroidery

Enjoy your free everyday life anew.

꽃 펜던트

flower pendant

Finally, the inside of the flower pendant is reflected see-through fabricI'm going to embroider it on. Once finished, you can cut them and use them individually, or you can use them for a long time.

양말에 포인트

Points for socks

옷에 포인트

Points on clothes

가방에 포인트

Points on the bag

If you put a hand-sewn flower pendant on a plain blouse or T-shirt Eye-catching pointsIt can be. Even when I put it on the handle of the eco bag, it was so pretty. Make pendants of various colors and use them ♡

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I'm starting Aegihalmum's French embroidery class.


French embroidery basics and stitching exercises


Alphabet embroidery capital letter A


Alphabet embroidery capital letter B


Alphabet embroidery capital letter C


alphabet embroidery lowercase letter a


Gold fruit embroidery mat


Blue tassel square embroidery mat


flower pendant brooch


Little tips for your future embroidery life


Congratulations on your stubbornness




Hallo I'm Aegi Harmum, who works as an embroidery patternator.

I mainly design antique embroidery using gold thread.

I hope it will be a small addition to a beautiful home decor~!




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