Flowers embroidered in France
6 Class Projects

It takes about Sampler is 2 to 3 hours, three-dimensional flower embroidery basket is about 4 hours 30 minutes, three-dimensional flower embroidery wreath is about 8 hours to complete one class project.

  • Basic stitch sampler

  • 3D stitch sampler

  • freeform stitch sampler

  • three-dimensional flower embroidery basket

  • 3D flower embroidery wreath

  • cloth pouch

Skills You’ll Learn

The basics of French embroidery

Learn what materials you need to start French embroidery and how to use them.

Various stitches and application methods

From basic to three-dimensional to desired shapes! Learn stitching techniques while making samplers.

Look at the design and embroider

Learn how to embroider on a pattern and try applying stitches.

Complete the frame with a few frames

Learn how to finish the back of a suitcase with felt paper.

Embroider flowers of various colors and shapes

Learn how to apply flower embroidery of various colors and shapes so that you can place them.

Let's embroider vivid flowers that seem to have the scent of flowers, and embellished them together within a few days.

Hello, Minaland meets the world through embroideryIt's called. Many people were interested in embroidery, which I started posting on Instagram as a hobby, so I was able to continue to work on embroidery like this. I would like to take this opportunity to share my work with more people without time and space restrictions through online classes.

Observing and embellishing seasonal flowers takes a long time, but it's a fascinating job.

Instead of taking a long time to complete a single work, embroidering flowers A vivid and deep charm, as if each one is alivePull it out.

Let's enjoy the flower embroidery that captures the sensibility of Minaland.



It is expressed in various ways depending on the characteristics of the flower. They also use three-dimensional stitching to express the vividness of flowers,



It also has a rich expression by filling one side tightly.

사과꽃Apple blossom

홍매화Red plum

You can also make flowers and trees bloom using stitches expressed with lines.


invariably Express in your own style while making use of the characteristics of various flowersI'm trying to do it.



Muscary+Hyacinth+Golden Ball+Cyclamen

I don't just place embroidery that expresses flowers, butFlowers are the only thing you can decorate with confidence and happinessThis is it.

When I first started embroidering, I practiced stitches on my own, and I came up with stitches that I liked, but all of them were stitches that could express flowers. Just a few stitch combinations and color matches are all it takes to create a wonderful flower embroideryI was fascinated by what it became.

That's how I was completed in this class Flower stitch secretsAnd, beautifully How to choose the yarn color to be blended, Even if you add just one or two three-dimensional stitches along with the basic stitches Tips that seem much richerI'll tell you all of them.

Learn the basics faithfully and take your time to smoke them one by one.

For those who are new to French embroidery, it may seem vaguely difficult. However, if you carefully follow through this class, you will be able to grasp the finished result before you know it. I also had difficulties when I started to embroider on my own, but I felt a greater sense of accomplishment when I finished it.

To make it easier for those who are new to embroidery to learn based on my first experience Explain one by one, starting with the very basics, such as threadingI'll do it for you. And in the meantime, I learned while embroidering Small but useful tips and my own way to beautifully embroider stitchesI would like to share with you generously.

First things first Stitch techniques in order As you learn, if you complete one sheet, it becomes a cute embroidery work on its own 3 types of stitch samplers I'm going to make it.

In this process, of course, you will not only be able to complete 3 cute stitch sampler works, but naturally Basic techniques/3D techniques/How to create a desired shapeYou'll learn!

Next, I'll look at the design for different types of flowers and see them bloom one by one within a few days. It takes a long time, but it's probably rewarding to know that the time spent on embroidery is a process to complete a beautiful work.

After completing two works, a flower basket and a flower wreath, within a few days, you'll have enough embroidery skills to follow even if you look at other designs! Pouches, eco bags, handkerchiefs, shirts etc. Feel free to embroider flowers on various accessories!

Let's decorate your own flower garden.
One song, one song along Minaland!

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French Embroidery  |  suzibart



I would like to introduce Minaland's flower embroidery class.


The basics of French embroidery


Complete the first sampler using basic stitching techniques


Embellishing a flower basket - 1


Using 3D stitching techniques to complete a second sampler


Embellishing a flower basket - 2


Practice embroidering the desired shape and complete the third sampler


Embellishing a flower wreath - 1


Embellishing a flower wreath - 2


To be able to make your own flower embroidery field


Congratulations on the class's stubbornness.




'Minaland'My since I was a child dreamsIt was.

I loved manga and animation, so I wanted to become a famous animation director and create a theme park like “Disneyland.” Over time, I majored in sculpture at university, and after graduation, I worked in a company for 6 years as a shoe designer, but under my name I want to do something differentThat thought was always in my mind.I left my last company and lived in Jeju for 2 years, and that's when I started embroidering as a hobby. I saw a book by my favorite writer and followed it, but at some point it wasn't “someone else's work.” I felt like I wanted to create my own work.

Since then, I have learned various stitches and embroidered flowers

I'm making “Minaland,” which is full of my own works.



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