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Using a thread and a needle
4 Class Projects

It takes about 4 hours or more hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Suit suit pin cushion

  • cute rabbit pouch

  • lovely flower wreath frame

  • luxurious three-dimensional flower brooch

Skills You’ll Learn

The basics of French embroidery

Learn the basic materials of French embroidery and learn how to use them

Basic stitching techniques

Learn various stitching techniques such as crossbody bags, outlines, long and short

How to place three-dimensional embroidery

Learn how to make three-dimensional embroidery by embroidering more finely and richly

How to use it as a prop

Learn how to apply finished embroidery to various embroidery accessories

After all, it became a daily routine for me.

Hello, I like flowers, so I put flower embroidery French embroidery in HuayuneThe writer of, HuayuIt's.

They said that if you have fun, your mind will naturally open up to new things. French embroiderywas just like that for me. I started embroidering for the first time because I fell in love with the simple embroidery accessories I saw in a French village during my trip, but the moment I embroidered while emptying my mind with a sweat was too much Joyful and happyI did. Now French embroidery is inseparable for me, it's just 'daily life“It became 'cause.

It doesn't have to be a special day. Meet embroidery accessories that are completed by embroidering in everyday life with me. If you embroider one sweat one by one, it will be filled embroidery propsSuddenly out of nowhere happinessYou will be able to feel it. Just like French embroidery did for me, for all of you Charge up with pleasant energyI hope it will be time to do it.

Let's make time for myself to calm down

Hand's Tough workOf the heart exuberanceAs my motto is, I like the changes in color created by putting one sweat at a time serenityIt gives you. Take a break from embroidering, see when you clear your mind, and slowly fill it up again, and melt the hard feelings of everyday life into a needle and thread. If you focus on embroidering, your heart's sense of securityI think you'll be able to feel it.

What do you learn?

One, I'll lay a solid foundation

French embroidery has a variety of Stitch techniquesI have them. Various techniques such as outline, bag, chain, lazy daisy, crossbody bag, etc. Enough practiceI'll let you know step by step through. As various techniques begin to become familiar, FreelyYou'll be able to move the thread and needle with.

Two, let's learn three-dimensional embroidery

Further, 3D embroideryI'll even teach you how to place it. with me, FluffyDo it vividly Let's express flowers. From flat to three-dimensional! After being stubborn, your unusual Embroidery workmanshipYou'll be able to show off to your friends.

Three, pick a color that makes you feel comfortable

It's also a part that many people are curious about, but Find a sense of colorThat's it! I'm always Appropriate color arrangementIt makes it possible for both those who look with and embroider to embroider comfortably without being obtrusive. I'll help you figure out how to choose the right color for each design.

Four, I'll use it as a prop

Finally, I'll show you the stitching techniques I learned and how to use embroidery with various colors. pouches, framed, brooch Use your own embroidery as a small item and use it beautifully!

With hands filled with their own stories
Let's spend time alone and make our own little happiness






I'm doing classes in Bundang and Gangnam under the name Huayune French embroidery.

I like to embellish flowers with a variety of colors and three-dimensional techniques.

My first experience with embroidery was in a small rural village in a tourist destination.

These are works drawn on the fabric with a single thread and needle, and the embroidery that creates the warmth of the inner space has become my life itself that I want to be with for a long time even when I get older.

At first, I started embroidery as a hobby, but many people liked it,

Currently, I run a workshop, and I enjoy continuing my classes with one-day classes, regular classes, and external lectures.

However, due to conditions, it is difficult to move to distant places, and I know that there are many people who don't have enough time.

I am also very excited and happy to have the opportunity to meet more people who love embroidery through this class 101.



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