9 chapters · 7 hours 30 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

Using a thread and a needle
5 Class Projects

It takes about 3 to 5 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Technique and Heart/Brings et coeurs

  • Vine Rose Pouch/ Rosier Grimpant

  • Elegant brooch/Broche élégante

  • Wildflower bag/ Fleurs sauvages

  • Ribbon garden frame/Jardin de Ruban

Skills You’ll Learn

The most basic story of French embroidery

You will learn the types of threads and fabrics, and how to use essential tools step by step.

Techniques and applications for viewing and expressing designs

You will learn how to choose and apply techniques that match the design to express it.

How to express in a variety of ways with various materials

Try out variations using unique materials such as ribbons, beads, and shiny metallic threads.

Complete it with practical props

Decorate and use embroidered works as accessories commonly used in everyday life.

Hallo French embroidery artist Ange It's.

A beautiful world born from threads, needles, and fingertips. Would you like to join us in the world of French embroidery?

The art of drawing with needles, French embroidery!

I discovered the appeal of embroidery in France, where I left to experience a diverse world of art.

I focused on motifs drawn from the tip of the needle, surrounded by beautiful, shiny materials regardless of the canvas or material.

Also, in a sea of diversity created by an endless number of ways of expression Anzman's styleI created.

I came back to Korea from France and have been working hard to convey the appeal of French embroidery to all of you.

Until now, I have been running the 'Ange French Embroidery Art School' in Bundang, Gyeonggi-do, and I have been meeting all of you. There were grateful people who visited from as close as Seoul as far away as Jeju Island and overseas.

Now, in order to meet more people Online classesI'm about to start.

I'll help you learn authentic French embroidery easily, even if you're new to it.

class 101Starting at Curriculum of “Ange French Embroidery”has prepared to take you one step closer.

You can add the scent of French embroidery to your life, from daily necessities to works that you can use to decorate your own space with your own skills.

Every course consists of a unique design filled with Anzu's sensibility. It's different from the French embroidery I've met so far Unique charmPlease feel it.

Fabrics that have already been designed, threads and materials carefully selected to express the most beautiful expression from a large number of textures and colors, semi-finished products prepared for immediate use, and systematic textbooks and lectures made by ANZ.

Everything for classes Kit with componentswill be with you.

Please be prepared only for your heart to be excited. Anz will prepare the rest.

In this course A linen bag that is easy to carry on a daily basisand making while learning the basics of French embroidery handkerchiefs, and The pouch is finished with delicate ribbon embroidery You can complete props that can be useful in real life, etc.

Let's take a look at some of the works you'll try to complete too?

French embroidery Basic stitchingWhile learning to embroider a cute heart.

Complete the pouch with an applique rose vineLearn how to describe.

With glittering beads and metallic threads A brooch like a jewelI'm going to make it.

It has a sense of size that can be conveniently used anywhere linen bag. Put in the lining to complete it.

Use a decorative frame to complete the frame.

Techniques I've learned so far Ribbon embroidery, BizBy utilizing Beautifully and colorfully I will complete it.

Does it draw in your mind?
Every day with French embroidery awaits you.





I'm Anze, a French embroidery artist.

By collecting materials or trying various things for unique originality, Traditional french embroideryOf course, the technique of A modern touchWe are striving to create beauty with.

We are exploring a sea of new possibilities that go a little further from French embroidery that we knew, such as creating the fabric itself or making active use of new objects and paintings.

Everyday life where something new is always created. Every day is so precious.

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