French Embroidery


The World of Authentic French Embroidery, from Basics to Applications



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Use thread and needle
5 Class Projects

It takes about 3 to 5 hours to complete one class project.

  • Techniques

  • Petit Mouchoir / Small Handkerchief

  • Sac en Lin ‘Rose’ / Linen Bag With Roses

  • Broche Bijoux / Beaded Brooch

  • Fleur Blanche / White Flower

Skills You’ll Learn

The Basics of French Embroidery

Learn the types of threads and fabrics and how to use essential tools step by step.

How to Express and Apply Techniques Based on a Design

Learn how to choose and apply techniques that match the pattern and express it.

How to Express in a Variety of Ways With Various Materials

Learn how to use unique materials such as ribbon, beads, and metallic threads.

Completing the Embroidered Work as Practical Items

Learn how to decorate and utilize embroidered works as practical items for everyday use.

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Class Introduction

Hello, I am a French embroidery artist, Ange.

I am artist Anges, working on embroidery art in Bundang.

'Freedom created with a single needle'

My passion is to explore and research the world of diverse and beautiful French embroidery and share my knowledge with others. Although I have previously focused on offline activities, I have decided to start online classes to reach out to those who are interested in learning French embroidery but have difficulty accessing it.

That's how I decided to start an online class.

Any thread, any fabric is good. It can be expressed with a line, a dot, or with cotton.

There is diversity in what can be used as long as it is threaded on a needle.

Think of an image in your mind and look around you. There will be a new beauty waiting for you there.

Class Takeaways

  • Learn the basics of embroidery such as setting up fabric on a hoop, cutting thread, and threading a needle to start embroidery.
  • Learn the 7 basic techniques for stitching French embroidery.
  • Create practical handkerchiefs and finish fabric.
  • Complete a brooch using sparkling beads and metallic thread.
  • Make a linen bag of a convenient size that can be used anywhere.
  • Learn ribbon embroidery and complete it as a framed artwork.

This Class Is For

  • Beginners who want to start learning French embroidery but do not know where to begin.
  • Those who are self-taught in French embroidery but want to become more skilled.
  • Those who found artist Ange's curriculum difficult but still want to learn from it.

What Makes This Class Special

Use a variety of materials, from metal yarn to ribbons and beads

When we think of embroidery, many people may imagine a quiet and soft image, but there are endless possibilities within it. We use a variety of materials, from metal thread and wool ribbon to beads, to complete one work of art.

From the basics of authentic French embroidery to application with Ange

I have prepared this class for you to take one step closer. You can add the scent of French embroidery to your daily life, from everyday items that you hold in your hands to decorative items.

Ange's unique techniques

You will learn the seven basic techniques for stitching the lines of French embroidery and there are patterns printed on the fabric made by Ange.

Anyone can easily learn the basics of French embroidery by following along slowly.



Before Starting French Embroidery


One, [Techniques]


Two, [Petit Mouchoir / Small Handkerchief]


Three, [Broche bijoux / Beaded brooch]


Four, [Sac en Lin ‘Rose’ / Linen Bag With Roses]


Five, [Fleur blanche / White flower]




This is French embroidery artist Ange.

I am constantly making effort to create beauty with traditional French embroidery techniques as well as a modern sense by collecting materials or experimenting with various techniques.

I explore a sea of new possibilities beyond what we know, by creating my own fabrics, utilizing new objects and paintings, and more.

Every day is precious to me as it presents an opportunity to create something new.

Ecole Ange

Ecole Ange

Ange 앙즈 프랑스자수

Ange 앙즈 프랑스자수

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