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The romance of French embroiderers, making stitchbooks



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Stitchbook, handkerchief
2 Class Projects

It takes about 10 to 20 minutes per stitch, 2 to 3 hours for a handkerchief to complete one class project.

  • Over 50 basic stitches included in the stitchbook

  • handkerchiefs

Skills You’ll Learn

Stitches that express lines

Running, whip-running, treaded running, back, stem, fly, chainstitch, etc.

Stitch made by hanging a hook

Couching, blanket, buttonhole, herringbone, lazy daisy, french nut stitch, etc.

Stitches for drawing flowers

Feather, double feather, backbone, circle blanket, rambler rose, split, coral stitch, etc.

Stitches to fill the cotton

Spiderweb Rose, Satin, Whittier, Bundle, Open Chain Stitch, etc

Decorate your own stitches with flower wreaths

Blion Rose, Blion Daisy stitch, etc. on the cover

Stitchbook is the romance of people who embroider.

If you are an embroiderer, it is this stitch book that everyone wants to make. The fact that I created a stitchbook also means that I know all the many stitching techniques involved in it, and that I can apply them:) I wanted to share my know-how in an online class with Class 101, so I decided to do this class.

I'll tell you a lot of know-how that you can't learn on YouTube. You'll be able to do a lot of things by applying the many stitching techniques you learn in class:)

Learn about 50 stitch techniques using 82 types of thread.

You'll learn about 50 different stitching techniques using 82 kinds of thread in a wide variety of colors. I think embroidery takes up half of the color. You'll be able to make your own stitch book by applying the various stitching techniques you learn with me. (The class does not create a “stitch book” together.)

I'll show you how to combine the right colors, find your own unique color, and how to combine them well with each color. I'll also explain in detail many other questions you may have, such as how to change embroidery techniques and the types of fabrics used for embroidery.

Front and back of the cover

On the front of the cover BLEON ROSE AND BLION DAISY STITCH TECHNIQUESYou'll learn more.

The back of the cover I'm going to use a double feather stitch to make it, and I'm going to draw my own initials on it. You can also engrave a phrase that is meaningful to you, or a different year and date of creation.

The first chapter

For the first chapter Running, swift running, treaded running, double treaded running, back, outline, stem, fly, chain stitch, etc.You'll learn!

Chapter 2

For the second chapter Couching, blanket, buttonhole, herringbone, double herringbone, lazy daisy, double lazy daisy, french nut stitch, etc.You'll learn.

Chapter 3

For the third chapter Feather, double feather, backbone, circle blanket, rambler rose, two splits, coral stitch, etc.I'm going to learn.

Chapter 4

For the fourth chapter Spiderweb Rose, Satin, Whittier, Bundle, Open Chain Stitch, etcYou'll learn.

I'll also make a handkerchief using the stitching techniques I've learned.

I'm going to make my own pretty handkerchief using the stitching techniques I learned at the top:) I'll teach you how to use different colors while actually making a handkerchief, how to clean up to the back, and how to hide the knots in a smaller way!



I would like to introduce Moonlight Garden.


Preparation process


Stitches representing lines - chapter 1


Stitches made by hanging a loop - Chapter 2


Flower Drawing Stitches - Chapter 3


Cotton Filling Stitches - Chapter 4


Decorate your own stitch with a flower wreath - cover


Embellishing a handkerchief


Congratulations on your stubbornness.




I am the second of the three sisters of Moonlight Garden Kobo, which operates a sewing workshop in Ilsan. My older sister is a dressmaker, I do French embroidery and white embroidery, and my younger brother makes bags and pouches while doing sewing and Taigyo classes.

They like to do things with their hands, so there's a lot they've learned together.

I joined Class 101 because I wanted to meet a lot of people who are French embroiders. I'll carefully knock on the door with a suggestion from Class 101 rather than looking for an online course. I look forward to a good relationship with all of you.



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