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Various embroidery techniques at once! Sunori embroidery with a story



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With 60 colors of threads and 30 embroidery techniques
6 Class Projects

It takes about 3-18 hours to complete one class project.

  • Animal fabric book

  • needle case

  • Gardening waffen

  • embroidered wall pocket

  • Hangul fabric book

  • [DIY] pin cushion

Skills You’ll Learn

The basics of French embroidery

I'll teach you everything from the basics, from how to put a thread on a needle to how to use a tool

Over 30 different stitches

I'll tell you everything from the most commonly used embroidery techniques to three-dimensional embroidery techniques

How to use various materials

You can learn how to use various materials such as beads and felt

How to beautifully embroider animals

Let me show you how to embroider animals

How to embroider lettering

I'll show you different embroidery methods depending on the font

How to apply embroidery patterns

I'll show you how to make more use of the provided designs

In a repetitive everyday life

Come and enjoy a world full of cute stories.

If you're embroidering Get away from the repetitive routine I think I'm in a different place. I was happy and happy to draw the design I wanted with thread and needle. What I felt sense of accomplishment, sense of happinessI started Sunori Studio because I wanted to share with you.

The French embroidery works I make topicI have it. Before I draw a design, I think of a few words and make up a story. I'm making a pattern of a scene from the story.

If you're tired of the same daily routine, come visit Sunori Land.

From material usage to three-dimensional stitching

Let's learn step by step.

Stranger How to make French embroidery, starting with an explanation of materials It looks amazing 3D stitchingI'll let you know until

It's not a difficult stitch because it's called a three-dimensional stitch. It just takes a little more care than basic stitches. I'll show you a simple three-dimensional stitch, so please enjoy the challenge!!

Used in French embroidery

Meet a variety of ingredients at once.

There are a variety of materials used in French embroidery. Among them, I'm going to use the most commonly used yarn No. 25, No. 4, No. 5 yarn, beads, transparent yarn, felt, etc. The French embroidery thread offered in this class A whopping 60 colorsIt consists of. I'll show you how to use each material and how to embroider it.

Are you worried that you will have a lot to learn from a variety of materials? In this class, we'll only cover basic usage of materials. The process of finding the right ingredients for youI think it would be nice to think of it as.

Props with stories

Let's make a fabric book.

In Sunori's French embroidery class A total of 6 worksI can complete it.

  • Able to master the basics of embroidery animal fabric book
  • Anywhere is cute Gardening waffen
  • A must-have item for embroidery people! needle case
  • Lettering did it together Wall pocket
  • There is a cute pattern for consonants Hangul fabric book
  • Make it with your own design Pincusyon

With a pattern that makes you feel good just by looking at it

Learn 30 embroidery techniques one by one.

Learn various French embroidery techniques with cute patterns. It may be awkward to grab a pair of hands and needles for the first time, but if you keep sweating one by one An imperceptibly cute storyI can draw.

If you listen to the stories of Animal Friends in the Little Forest Master the most commonly used stitches for embroideryYou'll be able to do it. We provide a variety of animal and plant designs. You can continue your embroidery life with your favorite design even after class.

I'm in charge of cuteness everywhere!!

Eco bags, clothes, pouches The place where the back pin is fixed is in charge of my cuteness! I'm going to make a waffen, which is a great item to use for any embroidery accessory.

I'll make it by embroidering it on fabric, and I'll also make it by embroidering it on felt. Different finishing methods and embroidery tipsLet me know.

Use thread and needle to draw the world your child sees for the first time.

It's a Hangul fabric book created with the concept of a Hangul book. A book made of clothSo you can embroider to your heart's content without risk.

My child's or nephew's first bookHow about an embroidered fabric book? Use thread and needle to draw the world your child sees for the first time. Maybe we'll be able to meet a warmer world.

The motifs used in the Hangul fabric book Use it for other places such as accessories and clothesYou can do it. We'll give you tips on how to use them in class, so feel free to combine them to create new works.

If you are a true embroiderer

A homemade needle case is basic!

I'm going to make a cute needle case where I can put the needles I need while doing French embroidery.

You don't have to worry about losing the needle, and it's convenient to carry anywhere. You'll be recognized as a professional embroiderer every time you take out the needle case.

While making needle cases How to neatly embroider the alphabetLet me know. You can beautifully embroider the alphabet of your choice anywhere.

Additionally, I'm going to make a pin cushion that you can easily insert a needle into. It's so cute, right?

Embroidery adds charm to a flat product.

If you're tired of the things you have at home, change it to French embroidery.

Even embroidery with simple motifs will change the mood.

All you need is a thread and a needle

I can draw whatever I want

What is French embroidery Drawing with threadThis is it. Both those who are good at drawing and those who can't draw can make great pictures with French embroidery. I'll show you how to make a pattern and how to choose stitches. If you know a few rules, you can create the design you want.

It's okay if it's a little crooked. There's nothing wrong with embroidery.
Would you like to create a work that captures your own sensibility?



Introducing Sunori's French embroidery class!


Learn how to use French embroidery materials and tools


Animal fabric book making


Animal fabric book making


Animal fabric book making


Making a needle case


How to make gardening waffens


Making an embroidered wall pocket


How to make a Hangul fabric book


How to make a Hangul fabric book


Level up from beginner to pro! Tips to become a professional embroider!!


Congratulations on your stubbornness!


Soonori studio

Soonori studio

It's Sunori from Sunori Studio that colors your heart. Sunori Studio designs fun hand play with a variety of needlework.

My life changed because of the embroidery class I accidentally took during my work life where I was at work and at home. There were things I wanted to do, and I wanted to share the joy I felt, so I decided to run Sunori Studio.

The excitement of choosing a thread, the joy of making one by one, and the sense of accomplishment when it was completed with a wonderful work, all of these are the reasons I was able to continue embroidering. We hope all of you will experience the excitement, joy, and fulfillment.




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