12 chapters · 21 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

Basics of French Embroidery and How to Use Tools

For first time embroiders and beginners, I'll start with the basic and work all the way through step by step!

Various Stitches and Embroidery Techniques

You'll learn various stitches - bead/spangle/applique embroidery

How to Apply Skills That You Learned to Embroidery

You'll learn how to apply the skills and techniques you learned

How to Finish the Side of Embroidery Magnets and a Embroidered Brooch

You'll learn how to finish the edges of embroidery fabric to improve the quality of your project

Hand Embroidery to Make Accessories

You'll learn the basic hand embroidery stitches to make accessories

Use the Items You Want to Embroider

You'll learn how to use the iteams you want to embroider like key holders, magnets, and frames

Tips on How to Keep Your Artwork and Apply the Skills

You'll learn how to apply the skills you learn to other projects, and how to keep your artwork

Start Stitching!

It will make your day full of joy and excitement!

Hello, this is atelier hola. I fell in love with French, bead and applique embroidery. I make embroidery accessories using these techniques.

The embroidery accessories that you make with lots of beads and spangles will spruce up your home! Decorating your room with handmade things will make you feel much better!

That's why many people are taking this class! I'll provide you with tips and tricks exclusively for you classmates!

A Sparkle That Has Never Been Seen Anywhere Else,

Do Not Miss Special Design by Atelier Hola

Atelier Hola's embroidery designs are loved by many for composition and lovely shape. The artworks in the class are special and unique in that you cannot find anywhere else.

Did you think embroidery was done only with thread? Embroider with colorful beads, spangle, and a variety of other materials to create a unique accessory. Don't miss out on the techniques to make various ingredients more attractive.

It would be boring if we make the artwork with some ordinary accessory. I'll introduce you to some special embroidery accessories that cannot be found easily.

No Knowledge of Embroidery Is Required.

I’ll Start With the Basics!

I'll take you through the technique from step by step! We'll go over everything from various stitiches bead/spangle/applique embroidery. We'll spend a lot of time practicing so that you can apply the techniques you learn to the actual work.

This class is right for beginners since I start with the very basics! Don't worry about it too much, and just follow along with me. (The designs of the alphabet in the photo will be provided. Learn to make this alphabet with me!)

I'll give you tips and tricks that will be helpful for you! You'll learn various stitches, and how to make the accessories by stitching some items on them. Even if it takes some time, I'll help you make the high quality art that lasts long!

These are what you are going to make in this class!

You'll make a hand-made embroidery magnets in this class. This will come in handy as a memo magnet on a refrigerator and a brooch for your bag.

You will give yourself a boost and start feeling better when you have some hand-made accessories on your bag. It can also be used as a key-ring.

You'll also learn how to make a big pouch with various beads and other materials. Bring it with you in your daily life! You can put big items in it, and you'll learn how to decorate your pouch with applique embroidery. You'll also learn how to make a tassel that improves the quality of your art!

You'll also make small alphabet accessories with beads. Small but meaningful! I'll provide you the design for all the alphabet from A to Z. Feel free to use it!

Hand-Made Items Are Meaningful and Special!



atelier hola

atelier hola

Hello, this is atelier hola. I started embroidery because I was looking for something fun and interesting to do in my free time. I fell in love with this hobby, and it turned to be my passion and profession. Since then I've been running my atelier for the past four years. I teach embroidery in Seoul and Daejeon because I want more people to know about Embroidery!





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