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Using a knotted string
9 Class Projects

It takes about 20 minutes to 1 hour hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Oedorae Knot Bracelets and Hapjou Knot Bracelets

  • concentric knot keyring

  • wingknot chandelier bracelet

  • Lyric knot tea coaster

  • Rakknot Ring & Earring Set

  • Ring-Knot Antique Brooch and Oval-Knot Hair Tie

  • salary knot choker necklace

  • Raw knot earrings

  • 6 other bonus lecture works

The appeal of traditional knots

Rather than a traditional knot that only fits when wearing a hanbok

My favorite colors and small ideasI want to let you know that if you meet, you can make such a friendly and cute traditional knot item!

Make a path

Traditional knots that touch the shape

Traditional knotsis not made in order from the top like a normal thread craft, but as you move the knotted string back and forth and pass through it How to touch the shape by pulling and tightening after making an overall “path”There are a lot of them.

It can be a difficult craft to complete all at once.

However, I'll share all the know-how and tips I've gained from my many offline class experiences! My classmates tied and untied the knot over and over again Complete the knot by repeating it countless timesIf you do, that sense of pride and accomplishment will be incredible.

You can use it all over the place The basic knot of traditional knotsFrom A knot that can be the main pointI'll tell you the real secret trinket offline class in a vivid and step-by-step manner, as if it were a real secret trinket offline class. Over the course of 2 years, I will tell you about common mistakes and difficult parts that many students have made Also with some tipsYo!

I only focus on me and the strings on my fingertips.

If you sweat the knot one by one, pull it, and tighten it Focus only on me and the strings at your fingertipsI'm going to do it. “Wow, is this a traditional knot?” “You said you made this yourself?” If you make it in anticipation of the curiosity, surprise, and praise of the people around you, it will be finished imperceptibly.

The texture is attractive, such as a friendship bracelet to wear with a friend, earrings I want to wear on a special day, and a brooch suitable for my mom's winter coat, rather than jewelry that can only be worn on a hanbok Traditional knots can be usedThere are so many. Once you've finished the class, there will be a desire to decorate your stuff with your own knots all over the place.

A traditional knot that resembles our lives, I hope it will shine the prettiest in your daily life.





Hello, I want our traditions to shine in the friendliest and prettiest way in our daily lives.

We reinterpret our old craft materials such as traditional knots, mother-of-pearl, gemstones, and hanbok with modern colors and designs.

I couldn't be happier to share beautiful values that have been passed down since ancient times in a trendy way! (Big festival)

Why are traditional knotted products

As a tourist souvenir for foreigners

Will there be more?

As a child, I liked hanbok more than princess dresses, and even after I became an adult,

'Why are traditional knotted products more popular as tourist souvenirs for foreigners?“Is there any way I can get the words “Wow, pretty” while wearing traditional knotted products?” I had a question about that. Since I loved making things by hand, I found a dusty traditional knot textbook in the corner of the library and tried to try it on my own, but only a bunch of knots that I couldn't unravel because they were tangled and tangled were piled up.

After days and days of trying to wrap my head like this and that, finally The joy of finishing the first knotI still keep it as a precious memory.

Traditional elements

An item reinterpreted in a modern way,

secret trinket

For those who have many items that reinterpret traditional elements in a modern way in the fall of 2015 A pretty daily itemI started “Secret Jewelry,” which I named in the hope of becoming this. What I realized at the beginning was that surprisingly many people were unfamiliar with traditional knots because of their intense colors and designs that were too traditional, rather than traditional knots themselves.

Furthermore, there were many people who said they wanted to learn traditional knots, but it was difficult to find where to learn them. I am The heart that first began to tie the knotThanks to the many people who reminded me of, I have been going on a secret one-day class trip to various parts of the country such as Seoul, Daejeon, Gwangju, Daegu, Busan, and Jeju for the second year.

What I always feel while running a secret jewelry class is that traditional knots are like this Beautiful points that are fun and can be used indefinitelyIt became, but there were still many people who didn't know much about it! Also, there's no such thing as a bad person who likes to make things by hand!

I like meeting people and making things by hand, and I enjoyed receiving happy energy every time, but since the brand management and classes were held together, it was difficult to meet the schedule and place of everyone who wanted to take the course.

Then I learned about class 101! Those who want to share the beauty of traditional knots anywhere in the countryI had a feeling of anticipation that I would be able to meet them.



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