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Using gemstones and wire
4 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 40 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • simple pearl mini back stand

  • Mother-of-pearl flower side stand with spring

  • pink rose stone hairpin

  • colorful beaded double back stand

Skills You’ll Learn

Use of wire copper

Let's freely make the frame you want using copper wire

Understanding the basic color scheme of Hanbok and gemstone color combinations

Let's compare the colors of various gemstones and find out how to arrange them

Use of bonding

Improve quality through a combination of materials using the properties of bond

Understanding Hanbok jewelry

Learn about the types of Hanbok jewelry and learn how to wear them properly

Hello, I'm Maison de Yoon:)

I have been little by little since 2013 Hanbok jewelryI have begun to produce and research them. Of course, it was due to my own needs, but after being so happy and grateful to be able to help someone, I thought, 'How can I get jewelry suitable for Hanbok Luxurious without being expensive Can I try making it? ' What started out as an idea has now become a business.

The appeal of jewelry work

Until I do this job, 'The beauty of our traditionsI never knew about 'in this depth. However, as I worked in depth, traditional patternOr something like that, fabric, Symbolic meaningAs I got to know them, I fell in love with them even more. In the past, jewelry was made in a complicated way, but in an age where there are so many different materials available today whosoever As much as you want Not difficult Being able to make it is also a huge advantage!

More than just a combination of materials, I am making more efforts to create detailed work based on color compositions and compositions from folk tales, and the series of processes is also very fascinating. with me Discover the value of oursDo it reinterpretationLet's make my own jewelry.

Let's make a total of 4 works together

  • Using Casey pearls, you can use them individually 2-piece flower back rack,
  • I accented it with yellow mother-of-pearl and blue round jade Bitpin side stand,
  • Luxurious using gemstone rose stones and mother-of-pearl flowers silver hairpin,
  • Using purple parts and mother-of-pearl flowers to add a touch of splendor Two-legged flower back stand

Even if you wear all of the above configurations to be completed in class at once, there is no sense of heterogeneity at all and so that they are beautiful Harmony of the four I configured it with itself in mind. Also, each ornament presentsThat's enough even if you do worthI configured it so that it can be there!

Step by step, slowly, and in detail

What kind of jeogori does the same ornament go up on, how it can be used as a point depending on the color of the pus or the three places, etc. Types of jewelrywith How to wear it properlyIt's very important to know about Before making jewelry in earnest, I'll explain it in detail so that you can become familiar with jewelry.

Once I understand jewelry, I'll work with me to make jewelry using wire, bond, and various mother-of-pearl and gemstones. I'm not sure what color to accent it and where to place it to harmonize knowhowI'll teach you everything you hear.

Finally, I'll show you how to buy materials so that you can make your own jewelry even after completing the class. 'Joyahan“This is not 'luxury“Choosing materials that can be used to make jewelry tipsI'll let you know until



Maison de Yoon

Maison de Yoon

Nice to meet you ♡

I'm a Possibility Inventor and I make Hanbok jewelry. :)

Currently, as the CEO of "Maison de Yoon", former "Jewelry Market", I produce various Hanbok jewelry, participate in Hanbok-related events, and conduct lectures related to hanbok jewelry production and female entrepreneurship.



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