10 chapters · 5 hours 52 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

Learn Annealing to Soften the Silver

You can freely shape the silver to create a picture or text of your choice.

Learn Soldering to Connect the Metal Parts

I'll teach you the most basic and essential techniques in an easy way.

How to Set a Strong and Beautiful Gemstone

Learn various ways to set gemstones

How to Trim and Finish Metal

You can finish your jewelry neatly without expensive equipment!

How to Use Melted Silver and Leftover Materials

Don't get frustrated when you fail. If you look closely, you can still turn it around!

Design As You Like Using Wax

I'll show you how to create designs that you have only imagined.

How to Make Your Design Unique & Original

I'll give you tips on how to make your design one of a kind.

Where to Buy Beautiful Natural Stone

I'll tell you the suppliers from whom you can buy natural stones that fit your taste and tips on stone shopping.

❗️ All photos presented in the work introduction are examples. The gemstone that will be provided may vary in shape, color, and size. The outcome will also differ depending on the individual's style and design.

Find your own “blue”

Make a unique piece of jewelry using metal crafts.

Hello, this is Beon Hye-jin from the jewelry brand 'Bluedope'. I started out metal craft as a hobby, but it became my career and I have been running a brand and a workshop for 5 years now. I also met many students in offline classes, and I really enjoyed watching both those who buy my work and those who make their own work in the class find their inner "Blue".

Now I want to introduce that process to more people through online classes. If you follow Bluedope's metal craft guide step by step, you will learn a variety of techniques and complete a piece of jewelry that fits your taste.

Beginners Welcome!

In this class, we mainly focus on using fire to make jewelry so that it is easy for those who are new to metal crafts. You will be able to make various designs without professional equipment and without sawing. All you will need is a few simple tools.

I'll give you a detailed guide so that you can use the fire safely and with minimum mistakes. Having taught offline classes for a long time, I have a good understanding of what beginners find most difficult and why they make mistakes and get hurt. So don't worry. I'll teach you in depth based on that experience.

Using fire will help you combine the pieces firmly and create various designs you imagined.

Let’s Practice Several Times With Plenty of Materials.

In the kit, you will find 1.5 times more amount of materials you need for each project. Everyone will take this class at a different pace. I included plenty of materials enough for you to practice sufficiently to create your own design.

As you practice and repeat the techniques you've learned over and over again, you'll gradually find yourself making fewer mistakes and improving the quality of your work.

We'll also explain where you can buy additional ingredients and tips on how to buy according to your preferences. You won't stop making jewelry even after you've completed the class.

Turn mistakes and leftover materials into artwork too.

If you work hard in class, there will be a lot of silver you have accidentally melted or leftover materials. It's a shame to waste these!

No need to be disappointed because if you take a closer look, small leftover parts of melted silver can also be a wonderful design. The class will also teach you tips on how to use silver that has been melted by mistake.

Put aside your worries and fears for a moment. Let's start with the hope that we'll meet a wonderful work created by chance.

You'll be able to create jewelry that embellishes your “blue.”

It can be difficult to easily create the design you want only by soldering silver. However, through the soft wax work process that you learn at the end of the class, anyone can easily bring out the design they have in mind.

I'll explain in detail the process of creating a shape using soft wax and an alcohol lamp. Also, we will be happy to share the detailed techniques and tips necessary to make the design you have imagined.

Be creative! Make designs only you can think of!

I hope this class will be an opportunity for more people to be inspired.

Bluedope will help you find
The perfect jewelry for you





Living the way you love

Hello. My name is Beon Hye-jin. I run the jewelry brand 'Bluedope'. I wanted to carve out my own path rather than just following the path someone had created.

I started out metal craft as a hobby, but it became my career and I have been running a brand and a workshop for 5 years now:)

I don't think it's easy to find a job you like and are good at. But I don't think there's anything as good as the experience to know what you like and what you're good at.

I hope my class will be a great inspiration to many people. In the class I have prepared, I will teach you the basic techniques of metal craft and give you my own design know-how that you can use and modify.

I hope taking this class will be an experience where you can get to know your what you love:)

Everyone can try metal crafts!



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