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Skills You’ll Learn

Understand the wax carving process step by step from theory

If you understand wax carving with solid theory and video, you can work more easily.

Making jewelry with soft wax

Learn about various texture expressions and jewelry making with soft waxes that are easy to handle.

Hard wax carving, the core of wax carving

I make jewelry while learning advanced wax carving skills through hard wax.

Design and manufacture of one-of-a-kind jewelry

You will learn the process of creating your own design in a systematic manner, starting with setting concepts and motifs.

Finishing jewelry after casting

I'll show you how to clean up rough surfaces and become sparkling jewelry.

Surface treatment methods for various metals

Try a surface treatment suitable for your own jewelry with glossy, matte, and emulsified treatments.

So that the joy of making and gifting continues

I will tell you how to use the specialized tools needed for future work, tips, and customers.

“The joy of gifting” was the beginning of my jewelry design.

Hallo Jewellery designer HanIt's.

To all of you 'gift'What does the word mean? I like to receive gifts, but Things that are happier when you giveI think so. Have you ever had an experience where the person who received the gift was happy and became as happy as if you had received it?

I fell in love with metal crafts when I was a student when I gave a homemade ring as a gift. The time I spent painstakingly making a ring, and the fact that the recipient was happy even though it was a poor result because it was my first time, was a precious memory for me.

As a result, I started as a self-taught student, majored in jewelry design, and even managed a brand. Now I want to share the happiness brought by meaningful gifts to more people, so I came here for an online class like this. we Wax carving jewelry production processLearn together Prepare a one-of-a-kind giftShall we try it?

Don't just make jewelry.

It starts with who to give the gift to.

Through this class, you'll design your own jewelry and actually make it. Designing your own jewelry can be overwhelming. But don't worry if you're not good at drawing, you can do it even if you've never done it before.

The jewelry design we will work with starts with 'who to gift'. I'm trying to record the person I'm going to give as a gift on a character card that goes with me in the preparation kit, and about that person's preferences. Through this process, you'll refine your idea of what kind of jewelry, what shape, and how to make it.

Next, I'll write a design card. There's no such thing as saying that writing time on a design card is wrong or ruined. You can freely express your thoughts and design. This recording process helps you organize and develop how to make your one-of-a-kind jewelry.

The curriculum is designed so that anyone who has a “desire to give a good gift” can design fine jewelry, even if they are not a designer.

Good jewelry can only be completed if you have good basic skills.

In the class, before continuing with jewelry design in earnest, we will continue with the process of building solid basic skills, starting with theory.

What is wax, what kind of process does it take to make wax into jewelry, and waxing Firmly understand the overall process from theoryIf you do, you will know what kind of wax and what tools should be used to be effective for future work.

With soft soft wax

Learn the sense of the hand in an easy and simple way.

For those who are new to wax carving, it may feel difficult and difficult, and may be frightened. initially Smooth and easy to handle soft waxLet's learn the sense of wax in your hands by making various jewelry through. As a result, you'll feel more confident and fall in love with the charm of waxcarving more and more.

Hard wax, the core of wax carving!

I carefully prepared for you to learn the advanced course.

From wax carving Hard wax is the most commonly used main materialIt's. However, due to the properties of hard wax and the powders that come out during work, many classes didn't cover it in depth. Hard wax Complete highly finished resultsAlso, since this is a must learn if you want to continue making wax carving jewelry in the future, I plan to cover it in depth in class.

Carefully study the parts needed to learn hard wax one by one I packed it. A wax powder holder to receive dripping powder What to bring kitIt was included in, and the process from an explanation of the tools required to handle hard wax to basic skills, texture expression, and various jewelry production Detailed curriculum I put it inside. I have a little bit of greed and hope that my classmates can continue to work on wax carving in the future, not just this class.:)

I thoroughly learn the casting process and jewelry completion.

What to bring in the kit Includes a casting ticket that allows you to entrust a total of 6 worksIt's supposed to be. The casting process of turning painstakingly refined wax into silver takes about a week, including the delivery of a courier. While you're waiting, why not wait while writing a postcard to the person you want to give the gift to?

I'll also definitely show you the process of refining jewelry that comes back to silver after the casting process. From a shimmering gloss, a subtle matte finish, and an oil painting treatment with an anti-war appeal! We'll show you all the different metal surface finishing processes at once.

(❗️ We will demonstrate the oil painting process, which is difficult to carry out in each home, through a video, and show you how to do it for those who wish to do emulsification treatment in the future.)

Put your heart into it with engraving and packaging

Give a one-of-a-kind gift.

If you want the finished jewelry to have a special meaning, please write down the details you wish to engrave when creating the order list. We'll make your jewelry even more special with laser engraving.

Write a message to the other person on the postcard included in the preparation kit, wrap it beautifully using the gift package, and you're ready to deliver a one-of-a-kind gift!

Through this class, you A special gift for myself, family, friends, or loverIt would be nice if I could do it. The happiness of making your own gifts, and again Carefully crafted metal craft jewelryLet's experience the charm of together! :)





Hello, I'm Han, a jewelry designer who runs the 'Modern Faber' jewelry brand.

I think the appeal of metal crafts is that you can create a design that you imagine, make it with all your heart, and present it as a gift.

Because of this appeal, I also started metalworking. I think a true gift is to be happier when you give it, and to face the other person being happy.

I hope to share the true joy of gifts with all of you.





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