10 chapters · 2 hours 30 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

How to depict natural objects using carvings

Learn techniques to express and describe textures with sculpting.

How to use a pharynx

I'll show you how to easily express various shapes by adjusting the temperature of the pharynx.

Various wax shaping techniques

You can express metal in a smooth curve with a material called wax that is easy to deform.

How to trim an injected cast

Learn how to complete with just a string and sandpaper without any other tools.

Various finishing methods for jewelry

Depending on the finishing method, such as emulsification or polish, it can create a variety of impressions.

Tips for continuous work ahead

I will tell you about the next process and business partners so that you can continue to work with wax carving

Natural objects that can be seen nearby,

I make it an ornament that I can always keep.

Hallo I'm Moon Sun-young, who runs a small metal workshop and a jewelry brand called 'Ban Yeung' in Jeju.

I work inspired by the glittering things I encounter while walking through the forests and seas of Jeju. I'm working on making cute and beautiful scenes that I accidentally encounter in nature as my own objects or ornaments. The jewelry in the photo above was also designed inspired by the texture of mushrooms I encountered while walking.

These are natural objects that are commonly seen but feel somewhat distant these days. If you use it when designing jewelry or small items with metal, it comes as a new kind of fun. Would you like to indulge in that fun with me?

Cold and hard metal materials too

I use soft wax to express it softly.

If you use a material called wax Smooth, natural shapeI can easily express. In particular, the soft wax we'll be covering in this class Easy to mold and softTherefore, it is a suitable material for expressing the shape of a natural object.

In order to be able to express the metal design you have conceived, I will collect the basic usage of soft wax and give you a collection of know-how unique to BanYang. Imagine the process of smoothly expressing the shapes in your head.

Various shapes with minimal tools,

It's easy to get started even if it's your first time.

The class organized a kit of materials and its contents so that various shapes can be created with minimal tools. There are so many shapes you can create with just a pharynx and wax.

Unlike handwork techniques that require a long period of skill and refinement, work using wax Even first-time entrants can create unique and diverse shapesThe advantage is that you can try it. I'll show you various techniques so that you can actually implement designs that you've only thought of with your heart.

You can practice 20 wax shapes.

Make as much as you want with this rich kit.

It won't be easy to fully express the shape you want from the beginning. We have prepared plenty of supplies so that you can fully practice and learn techniques, and that you can create unique jewelry with your own design.

Thinking about materials that are used up for practice, the gun About 20 wax shapesI configured it so that it can be created. If you go through the casting process Produced about 7 pieces of jewelryThis is possible. Practice and create to your heart's content with a rich kit.

It's beautiful even if it's crooked and asymmetrical.

Even asymmetrical, twisted, and distorted shapes can be natural and beautiful enough. I think the appeal of working with soft wax is the fun that can be felt in an accidental and unintended form.

I also started metal crafts as a hobby, so I went through a lot of trial and error as I continued my work. For those visiting this class, I hope that metalwork will not be burdensome, but a new kind of fun for everyday life.

If you have enjoyed metal crafts through this class, I will give you all the know-how about the work, where to buy the materials, and information about the casting process so that you can continue working later.

I think there is a cute, inspiring natural object close to everyone. An atypical natural object that exists with a unique appearance. Try to express your feelings in a variety of ways. Ban Yang will work with you so that you can keep your own jewelry.





While living in Jeju, I like exploring the ocean and forests. When I was looking for places that were not visited by people, I came across really cute and beautiful scenes, but I started making them one by one because I wanted to make small objects of my own and have them on my body.

Jeju's nature is always beautiful, but I think there is a cute and inspiring natural object close to everyone. I hope this class will try to express the material called metal, which has a cold property, in a warmer way. We have organized classes centered on wax carving, where even those who are new to metal crafts can easily create the desired shape. Let's make your own special jewelry.



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