10 chapters · 4 hours 35 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

Basics of metalwork

Properties of metals and basic techniques of metal crafts
You'll learn sawing and sawing.

How to carve letters and numbers on a metal plate

You can engrave any phrase you like with a stamp engraved on the stamp.

How to trim and finish metal

Toughened metal can be neatly trimmed and shiny.

Make your own metal props at home

I prepared a course where you can make metal accessories at home.

How to use copper plates

Here are some tips for using leftover copper plates to make other metal products.

Make your own interior accessories with metal crafts!

Hallo I'm Kim Da Eun and Kim Kyung Hyun, a metal artist who majored in metal crafts at the Craft Design Department and are currently pursuing a master's degree. After learning about metalwork, I fell in love with metal for 5 years, and I wanted to make metalwork known to many people. That's why we're opening Class 101 lessons like this!

The class You've never experienced metal crafts, Do metal crafts on a daily basis Those who wanted to learnIt is aimed at listening. Especially me Interior accessories, not jewelryIf you want to learn a little more about various metal crafts, welcome:)

No matter where you put it, it's emotional

vintage interior accessories

Nowadays, when I spend a lot of time at home, my interest in interiors is hot. Among them vintage metal propsI was able to feel the popularity of.

What if you could make your own metal interior accessories instead of the common interior accessories you can find everywhere?

In class, you can make calendars, desk clocks, magnets, incense holders, and candle holders. Other than that, you can make various items using leftover materials, so it's attractive that you can make at least 10+a props.

It's OK if you make a mistake!

Metal Craft Application Techniques - Cold Joints

I'll send you plenty of ingredients so you don't have to worry about making mistakes. Also, I'll show you how to use failed materials. Learn all the basic processes of metal, sawing and stripping, as well as a variety of additional application techniques.

Adding texture with a chasing hammer

It's not difficult to make wonderful props using only basic techniques.

Using a stamp engraved with a seal This is how you can make calendars and watches. To my props with a stamp Your own signIf you add, it will be even more special, right?

Using piercing forceps, you can easily and freely perform tasks that require holes without a drill.

Practical metalwork courses taught by majors

In the class, you can easily and quickly learn the basics of metals, the characteristics of materials, and the understanding of tools in the actual metal craft major course. I'll tell you the majors' experience and know-how efficiently.

Now enjoy metal crafts without expensive equipment!

Unlike the jewelry making class, which is relatively easy to access, this class is a class where you can make small metal items. Even at home without expensive equipment I think being able to create is very attractive:)

Using stamped stamps (alphabets, numbers, symbols), you can create one-of-a-kind props with your own logo, collect them, and present them as gifts!

Treat your loved ones to a special day:D

Crafting is not difficult. If you trust us and follow us, you'll be able to master metalwork:) How about starting an unusual hobby, metalwork, in your own space?

Open Gutnoseok Metal Workshop with us!



mood studio

mood studio

We are two metalworkers who have majored in metalwork in many crafts :-) We are interested in crafts, and after attending the Craft Design Department, we majored in metal crafts. After 4 years of learning about metals, we fell in love with the appeal of metal crafts even more. However, I felt that there are many people who don't recognize crafts even though they are integrated into everyday life, so I thought it would be nice if people who weren't majors like us could easily approach it! Since we spend a lot of time at home these days, we have become very interested in interior accessories. That made me think about making “my own interior accessories” using our major in metalwork, and I'm going to hold this class because I want to share it with many people other than us! So let's indulge in the charm of metal crafts with us now.







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