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Using pearl and silver auxiliary materials
9 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 40 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Pearl egg necklace

  • pearl chain necklace

  • Pearl egg bracelet

  • pearl chain bracelet

  • Pearl egg ring

  • Twin pearl open ring

  • Pearl egg earring

  • Pearl one touch ring

  • Pearl ball earrings

Skills You’ll Learn

Understanding the birth process and characteristics of pearls

Let's take a look at the pearls we use, how they come from, and what properties they have.

Types and characteristics of pearls

Let's take a look at the characteristics of freshwater pearls and other pearl types used in the class.

How to tell natural pearls from imitation pearls

Here are some tips for distinguishing natural pearls in a simple way!

How to maintain and store pearls

Let's find out how to maintain and preserve the faint light unique to pearls for a long time.

How to use auxiliary materials and tools

You will learn how to use tools safely and correctly according to the types and characteristics of auxiliary materials.

Finish the ring with a silver wire without soldering

You'll learn how to make pearls strong and safe without using fire.

Simple design with silver lines

I use silver wire to make trendy ring earrings and rings of various sizes.

Works that can be used as leftover auxiliary materials

Let me introduce you to the world of works that can be used without throwing away the auxiliary materials.

How to take pictures of emotional jewelry works

Here are some photography tips unique to UniYuno, where you can shoot with emotion using only the props you have at home.

With simple tools at home,

Learn how to make 9 kinds of pearl and silver jewelry.

Hello, I'm Lim Yoon-hee, designer of the jewelry brand UniYuno. Did you think jewelry production was only possible if you had expertise, expensive tools, and a complicated crafting process? Anyone The simple wayBay Your own jewelryI have prepared this class so that you can try making.

UniYuno's only one that anyone can follow if they know how to do it Unique jewellery designs and craftsmanshipI want to let you know. “Where did you buy the earring?” When asked by a friend proudly, “I made it!” I'll make it so that you can answer.

Necessary Some tools and good accessories, Other than that, I don't need anything else. You can even see lipsticks, bottled water lids, etc. up close Use common itemsYou can also create a variety of designs. I'll give you a bunch of simple know-how and tips that nobody told you.

I make it with nice pearls.

Favorite design jewelry

Imitation pearls with a shell covered in a plastic core can imitate the shape of a pearl, but they can't even capture that blue and mystical color. The freshwater pearls included in the kit are actually farmed in fresh water, so each one has a different shape and color, and sparkles with a special blue color.

I'm going to make 9 types of design jewelry using two types of auxiliary materials, pearls and silver. Aren't you curious about the process of being able to make such a variety of jewelry without sawing or using fire?

What if there was a prejudice that pearls look older? I want to be bold in this class. The jewelry I'm going to make in this class Delicate design using small pearlsUnravels it with, and the more you wear it, the more beautiful the color becomes More refined with silverIt's going to be. Since these pearls coexist with warmth and coolness, they will be a perfect gift for me in all seasons, every day, and all the time.

It doesn't end with just one class

To be jewelry that will stay with you for a long time,

We will tell you how to care for silver and pearls that require delicate care, how to store them, as well as simple tips for careful packaging. Make jewelry that will be a precious gift not only for you, but also for those around you.

It would be even better if I could take pictures of the jewelry I made in a sensual way, right? The class will also reveal how to take photos of productions easily and simply by making the most of the props at home, and the secrets of taking pictures of Uniyuno, which is loved by 10,000 followers.

Remaining auxiliary materialsGenerously Use jewelry with a different feelAfter all, I'll show you a little bit about how to complete it with.

Jewelry is a way to express myself.
How would you like to express yourself?

Maybe it feels like a simple beadwork. However, with the various know-how and uses contained in it, you will be able to complete pearl and silver jewelry filled with your sensibility. For me, jewelry is a happy way to express myself. I hope everyone can also immerse themselves in this joy in UNIYUNO's classes.






Yoon-hee and Yoon-ho's emotional workshop 'Uniyuno' It's.

I'm Lim Yoon-hee, who runs the silver jewelry brand 'UniYuno'.

Since I was a child, I loved making things by hand, and especially small and delicate work, so I have been working hard on growing up with my partner Yoon-ho for a short and long time.

A little more modern and a little more simple,

I study a lot while thinking about regular meetings and projects to make jewelry that everyone can be satisfied with.


UniYuno is pursuing bridge jewelry that combines the trendy design of fashion jewelry with the classic design of fine jewelry using 925 silver.

Therefore, we manufacture products using only two materials, gold and silver, and always stick to natural stones.

Also, in order to be trendy, recently, they have been making jewelry by combining silver with beads and resin.

All products of “UNIYUNO” are handmade and do not have any plating, so you can feel the natural color and texture of silver It can be done.

Each one is made by our own hands, so I feel confident and confident that everyone will be able to attend a meticulous class.

We will awaken your individuality with UNIYUNO's trendy and meticulous classes.

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