6 chapters · 11 hours 42 minutes
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Use the G-Brush tool
1 Class Projects

It takes about 3 weeks hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Make your own art toy

Skills You’ll Learn

Learn the basics of the Gbrush tool

Install GeBrush and learn basic settings before working.

Using the G-Brush tool for 3D modeling

Learn how to do basic modeling from head to toe using the G-brush tool.

Making silicone molds for cloning

Learn how to replicate works using silicone molds and urethane resin.

How to paint an artwork

Learn how to paint on art toys using an airbrush.

Printing 3D printing

Learn how to order 3D printing output on your own

When you like someone, you want to see, talk, touch them, and keep them by your side. I think this work is the same. When I create my own character, I think that part is the biggest attraction because it goes beyond what you see, you can touch it with your own hands and put it by your side.


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Class recommendation target

  • Those who want to create their own characters
  • Those who want to have a hobby that differentiates them from others
  • Those who are not satisfied with collecting figures
  • Those who wanted to learn art toy modeling
  • Those who are interested in art toys, but find it difficult to find a workshop or workshop on their own
  • Those who want to experience 3D modeling and other post-processing/painting work to create their own art toys in the future


Estimated class time

It is mainly divided into 6 chapters. If you choose an all-in-one painting package with hands-on training, you can create as few as 5 to as many as 20 art toys.

It takes about 3 weeks to make an art toy. The time required may vary depending on the individual and the speed of progress.


What do you learn?

3D model your own toy using the G-Brush tool


Zbrush (Zbrush) is an essential programming tool for modeling in art toys. I'm going to use this tool to learn basic modeling. Since classes focus on modeling art toys, you will learn not just character design, but design each part and model suitable for 3D print output.

Replicating a 3D printed prototype with silicon

print.jpgPrototype printed on a 3D printer

copy.jpgReplicate the prototype with a silicone mold

After the modeling is finished, the prototype is printed out by 3D printing. By making a silicone mold, you will replicate this prototype in multiple ways, and it can be said that it is the core and most fun work of art toy production. You will understand the characteristics of silicon, learn how to make a frame, and the precautions for making a frame.

Paint the same, but with a different feel

KakaoTalk_20180723_220615074.jpg color.jpg I can create multiple versions of replicated art toys at my own discretion. Using an airbrush, you can add colors that are sometimes flashy, and sometimes simple/lovely. The appeal of art toys is that they can create different versions of a single design like this.

Work instructions and precautions

🙋 For those who choose a package with physical training, Tobey will perform 3D printing (output). Once the 3D modeling is completed, you will be sent a file to Tobay's email, and the 3D printing will be carried out in Tobay's workshop. The completed printout (doll figure) will be additionally shipped to the students.

🙋 In this class, only models up to 15 cm can be 3D printed, and the 3D printing cost in the package is only included for 1 type of modeling.

🙋 Always ensure good ventilation after work.

🙋 I use the one-month trial version of G-BRUSH for classesHowever, after the trial period is over, only those who wish can purchase the program for a fee (‼️ Those who have already used the G-Brush trial version cannot reuse the trial version).

‼️ Urethane resin used for reproduction has harmful ingredients Pregnant women and children are not encouraged to participate. For a typical adult, good ventilation is all you need.

‼️ When painting, the work is carried out in the spray booth included in the package, and the booth absorbs most of the particles from the airbrush. Paintwork is prohibited for pregnant women.

Q & A

Q. Can all of these tasks be done at home? A. Yes, these are all tasks you can do at home if you have a window. However, it must be well ventilated. Also, art toys are fun to work at home if you follow a few of the precautions I'll give you during class.

Q. Wouldn't it be difficult to learn the G-Brush tools because they don't handle things like programs very well? A. It's definitely more difficult than Photoshop or other programs. However, if you use the UI I'm sharing, you'll be able to easily follow along and learn. It is important to do a lot of review and do a lot of modeling with this shape or that shape.

Q. Can I do well even if I'm not a goldson? A. It would be great if you had money, but if you use a modeling tool such as G-Brush, you can become a golden loser. Everyone can be a great art toy artist.






I'm “Tobey,” an art toy artist who mainly likes and makes toys for situations I'm currently experiencing.

Since I was a kid, I drew the characters I imagined in sketchbooks.

I only drew pictures when I filled the paper with characters, and when I imagined those characters being in one place.

Some characters are extremely powerful, others are timid, other friends are smart,

In this way, each person created their own personality, and unfolded their imagination alone.

Also, when I was a student, I loved drawing pictures of my friends as characters.

As such, I wasn't a professional, but I came across something called art toys when I was living with a love for creating and drawing characters.

This is a field I wanted to do in words, and something like a passion came up in my heart.

Since then, I fell in love with making art toys, and I wasn't the same major as sculpture.

I felt that there was a limit to modeling by hand, so I learned a program called ZBrush, which is a program optimized for character modeling.

Since other schools that teach ZBrush almost always teach me in a way that suits the game environment, I am self-taught and studied based on materials from overseas.

As a result, I came up with a curriculum suited to art toys, and I wanted to do this with people like me, so I decided to create a class.



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