Maya, V-Ray
10 Class Projects

It takes about 1-4 to complete one class project.

  • Basic shapes 3D art

  • Room interior

  • Low poly 3D art

  • mechanical pencil

  • wine glass

  • chess

  • stand lamp

  • acoustic guitar

  • umbrellas

  • Rendering using a library

Skills You’ll Learn

Maya and V-Ray installation

I'll show you how to use Maya and V-Ray and how to install it.

Program layout and basic functions

Let's explain the basic layout of Maya programs and learn about basic functions.

The first step in modeling

I'll show you how to make the most of the basic shapes.

Using V-Ray Render

I'll show you how to choose a plausible rendering with basic lighting settings and materials.

Various modeling techniques

I'll show you the process of applying various functions to modeling.

UV stretching

Here are some tips on how to make UV work easier to add texture to modeling

Common mistakes

Here are some mistakes you must make while learning to model.

High quality rendering with new features

High quality rendering that can be easily selected without spending time on modeling and rendering

Hello, nice to meet you!

I'm Kim Gong-won, a 3D artist.

I'm domestic Movie VFX industryI gained practical experience as a general artist in, and started teaching at the school by chance, and met many students. At the school MAYA (MAYA)with V-RAY (V-RAY)I taught about rendering and various 3D sub-tools used in practice.

In this class, I will use my experience and knowledge to help all of you clemates get started with the latest version of Maya 2022 in the easiest and most fun way.

🤔 Why should I learn Maya?

Maya is a 3D production program from Autodesk, and it is a tool with the largest number of users in the world and an unrivaled share in the field of practice.

It's a program already used by many professionals and freelance workers in various industries such as games, movies, animation, NFT, and metaverse. Nowadays, more and more people are creating 3D printing or 3D art works using 3D as a hobby.

I'm going to use V-Ray, which brings out a nice picture by applying lighting and materials. In the class, I'll show you how to pick professional-quality renderings using the V-RAY PLE version, which you can use for free for a lifetime!

Why should I learn Maya?

As interest in 3D is growing, there are many places that offer various 3D tools these days. If you start your own business or work for a small startup, it doesn't matter what tools you use.

However, if you work in most 3D industries that are already established in Korea or abroad, you cannot use any tools. If one day you all work together among experts, there is a high possibility that you will have to deal with Maya.

I used to use other 3D programs, but someone came to me because the main program of the company they worked for was Maya. Of course, if you can fully use one tool, the difficulty of learning a new 3D tool will decrease dramatically. I think it would be an appropriate analogy to teach someone who doesn't know a language at all and someone who can perfectly speak at least one native language about a different language.

If you have a dream of working in the professional field one day,
Maya would be a good native language.

I'm new to 3D tools, but I think it's too difficult...

I met about 500 beginners while taking classes at the school. Not a single one of them did well from day one. From installing the program, I'll show you the process of creating a work through basic functions, modeling, and rendering in detail.

뭔가 이상하죠? 실습 시간에 둘러보면 흔히 보이는 형태들입니다...^^Something weird, right? These are common forms during training... ^^

Also, I will point out the most difficult parts for first-time learners and tell you in an easy-to-remember manner.

😎 You think this kind of output comes out only in chapter 1?

You can create amazing 3D art without using complicated features!

For those who are learning Maya for the first time, it is often easy to get tired of coming across difficult examples from the beginning. In this class, we'll start by drawing out a clean, beautiful 3D art using all the basic shapes.

When I taught a basic class as part of the school's curriculum, I first taught the basics of Maya usage and modeling for a month, then taught the basics of rendering in the next month's class. As a result, students often didn't use the modeling functions they had learned earlier, and when it was time to continue the modeling process later, they often didn't remember what they learned.

So this class Modeling and rendering together progressionIt contains the content that says.

For those whose Mayan skills are growing rapidly

The way to study is different.

Making it according to what I make Once Maya got used to it, Naturally, you'll want to try something else. After turning off the lecture, you just don't know what to do? Beginner For people What kind of referencePlease refer to Should I practiceI'll also let you know!

For those who are learning Maya for the first time, this class includes a solid foundation and my own know-how to quickly improve their skills.

I'll also show you how to easily select high-quality rendered images using Maya and V-Ray's new features!

Based on the various feedbacks I received from grateful students who worked with me in a space called the school, I designed a curriculum for my classmates to get into Maya in an interesting way.

Don't worry too much!

So that my classmates can achieve their desired goals by improving their skills and creating wonderful works without losing interest in Maya I will work with you all!

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to Maya World


Installing Maya and Blu-ray


Let's make a work with minimal functionality


Making interior interiors and low-poly art


To be able to do more accurate modeling


The secret of people whose skills grow rapidly


Realistic rendering with textures


In order to express more freely







I'm Kim Gong-won, a 3D artist.

I am 3D general artist in the film industryRecently, I met and gave lectures with many students at Maya Academy. Over the course of a few years, I learned what parts of the students are confused and easy to forget, and what more content they would like to learn.

However, there were many restrictions on how I was able to change the curriculum at my own discretion. Taking out and explaining content that was out of the curriculum in class was not an easy task in terms of time.

Always'I want to make better courses. 'I came to think about it, and I want to live a life that helps the many people who have come to me with a dream of aiming for the path I went a little earlier. This class will include a solid foundation and interesting examples that go beyond the basic lessons learned at the school!

I will work together until the day my classmate, who entered Maya through me, achieves her goals.



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