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Skills You’ll Learn

10 traditional knotting methods and combinations

I will try to create a work by properly learning and combining various traditional knotting methods.

Tips for more luxurious creations

Learn the details that make the work luxurious while enhancing its completeness.

How to use a single knot method in various ways

The same knotting method can also be created in a new form through a simple application.

Your own design and knot string calculation method

To create the desired shape, draw your own pattern and measure the length of the string you need.

A strong, clean way to finish knots

Clean and complete, so that it lasts a long time! Learn how to finish knots.

Utilization of traditional knotted works

Learn not only about Hanbok jewelry, but also how to use it in various ways in everyday life.

Traditional knots to decorate everyday life,

Let's remember “Dandy” and weave “Dandy.”

Hello, a craft artist who weaves works close to everyday life with traditional knots DandyIt's called. Knotting, which was my hobby, became a job as time passed and my skills developed. I would like to share my accumulated know-how and tips to more people.

The name “Dandy” is in the dialect of my hometown Gyeongsang-do The meaning of “meticulously, surely”I have it. Even if it's slow, it means to carefully weave each knot to complete a finished work. To all of you Traditional knots close to everyday lifeLet me show you how to weave more carefully.

With 10 traditional knotting methods

Complete a variety of works that you can imagine.

For traditional knots Various techniquesI have one. In this class 10 knotting techniquesLearn properly, and after finishing the practice, increase the difficulty level Various usesI also take a hands-on course. In the process, it can be used in everyday life Various props completedOf course, it's yours Knotting techniques are also imbued It's going to be growing.

The traditional knot in Korea is not a book or a picture How to tie knots handed down from hand to handDid you know that? So even though it's the same knot, the method and order of weaving the knot differs slightly from person to person. Therefore, the more complicated the knot, tenetsUnderstand knack If you learn to do it, you can remember for a long time. The order of Dandy Mannand I'll even give you some tips. Yours How to make knots stay in your head longerIt's going to be.

Once you've learned the basics enough,

Let's go one step further and make the most of it.

You can weave multiple works with basic knots, but apparently the shapes and shapes are limited. For traditional knots constant formulaThere is, but if you learn that formula, even large and complex knots are not a new knotting method, but you have learned Apply basic knotting methodsYou can make it by doing it.

I imagined Gorgeous knots and various accessories, I'll explain the formula in this class so that you can use your application and potential to weave in a variety of ways.

Each knot method has a friendly meaning.

It makes a valuable gift for someone special.

The chrysanthemum knot means praying for success, the bow knot means a new life, and the chick knot means overcoming passions. Treat your family or friends with a friendly knot pacifier as they prepare for the big things in life. You can make a doll belt for a child who has been hit by a stone, or give a suncatcher or key ring to a friend who has set up a new space. It's a handmade jewelry, and it also has a precious meaning A knotted giftwill make us happier.

Proven by 100% student satisfaction

Let's start with Dandy's class.

수강생 만족도 100%

If I only had one string A lifelong hobbyA traditional knot that can become. It takes a lot of effort and care to make a crooked knot straight. It's not easy, but when the work is finished sense of accomplishment and satisfactionIt compensates for all of this. I'll guide you along a very charming traditional knotted path.

Let's weave 'Dandy' together!






I'm Kim Jong-in, the creator of traditional knots.

I didn't do traditional knotwork from the beginning, and I graduated from the Department of Industrial Design and worked as a designer at an IT company.

When I live a life that pursues a rapidly changing world, I would rather I have a thirst for the emotional things I do with my hands.

I came across traditional knots by chance and fell in love with the fun of weaving them with all my heart.

Currently, I run a workshop that manufactures traditional knotted accessories and accessories in Seongsu-dong. Recently, an article on Dandy Kobo was published in National Geographic Traveler and Kookmin Bank VIP magazines, and introduced the beautiful meaning of traditional knots to many people.



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