9 chapters · 3 hours 34 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

Getting started with traditional knots

You'll learn how to use various types of knots and tools.

Make it a little prettier, give it a sparkle point

Learn how to give points to knots with gold, silver, and auxiliary materials.

Tips for making the most of the style of knots

It's not a traditional knot, but I'll show you some knotting techniques that are commonly used together.

Various finishing methods

Learn about various finishing methods that differ depending on the type and shape.

To be able to continue traditional knots

I'll give you a variety of tips so that you can apply the techniques you've learned and continue to tie the knot.

Inspired by tradition, comes to everyday life,

Here is an introduction to the upcoming knot class.

Hello, I'm running Onna Knot Traditional knot craftsman Lim Gong-jooIt's. I would like to introduce a traditional knotting class that is perfect for those looking for a fun hobby that is not limited by time and space, not out of fashion, and not common.

Traditional knots that filled everyday life,

Feel it even closer.

Do you remember the ones that used to hang in a mother-of-pearl box or wooden chest of drawers when you went to your grandmother's house, or those that were hanging for granted on the wall of your friends' houses in the drama Answer Me 1988? It's just A pacifier made of traditional knotsIt's. In the past, it was something we used to be used to and filled our daily lives, but now we can't easily find it, our traditional knots.

Through this class, I think it would be great if many people, not just me, could get closer to tradition. I just enjoyed my hobby, Props full of traditional beautyAfter completing, you will meet a proud heart that blooms.

Since I started out as a hobby,

I'll let you know so that anyone can learn it easily.

I didn't do well from the beginning either. After learning about traditional knots, I started learning with interest because I thought it was nice because they weren't common. As I continued for a long time, gradually creating meaningful works, I gradually Experience and know-howI have accumulated, and now I'm a full-time artist.

This class is for beginners, so even those who are hesitant to think “I don't have dexterity” can do it enough Easy way to tie a knotI prepared it with fields. I'll teach you carefully, recalling the first moments I learned.

Traditional knotting starts with an easy technique, and the difficulty level gradually increases, Complete one work even if you learn only one techniqueIt's nice to be able to do it. Enjoy the world of traditional knots by creating and applying many works. As the class progresses, you'll feel proud to see the works increase one by one.

time to focus on the senses at your fingertips,

I feel my worries and distractions disappear.

I really don't think of anything at the moment of tying the knot one by one. If you remember how to tie a knot and try to tie, untie, and make a beautiful shape, the worries and worries that filled my head are completely gone. In fact, not only me, but also many students, please gather their mouths and say the same thing. Clear your worries Time to focus on the senses at your fingertipsLet's bring it together.

A simple hobby that can be done anywhere,

We always work together to create many works.

I like the fact that traditional knots are loud, scented, and don't have many things to prepare. Carrying only threads Wherever you go with your hands You can make it. I make it in a moving subway, I make it while watching TV, and I also make it over a cup of coffee at a cafe.

It will be such a hobby that I can do whenever and wherever I want, without restrictions on space or time. Please always work together to create many works.

The know-how of the knot that came up,

I'll gather them all and share them with you.

I have passed on traditional knots to many students I met while running the workshop. In this class, I'll show you step by step the know-how I've gained, tips I've learned from making my own props, and how to make them a little easier and prettier.

traditional knots to decorate your everyday life,
I'm going to make it with my own hands today.



Knot Dagaon

Knot Dagaon

Better things are here & coming'

The knots are spinning and passing through people, from hand to hand.

A tradition that will come from my hands to yoursknots.

I'm already excited and excited.

Thank you:)

Inspired by tradition and brought to our daily lives,

I'm Lim Gong-gong, a traditional knot craftsman who runs Onna Knot.



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