Summer message bag made with beads and embroidery from Apoco Fanfare



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Using beads, sequins, and embroidery stitches
3 Class Projects

It takes about Eco bag is about 4 hours, pouch is about 3 hours, flower embroidery mesh bag is 10 hours to complete one class project.

  • floral embroidery mesh bag

  • Mercy lettering eco bag

  • tropical pouch

Skills You’ll Learn

How to use basic embroidery materials and tools

Learn how to use a variety of materials, starting with how to make a knot by inserting a thread into a needle

Basics of stitching and finishing methods

Learn basic stitches that can be applied in a variety of ways and how to make a clean finish

Stitching method using sequins and beads

Learn how to fix sequins and beads and how to apply them

How to make satin stitch grain fine

Learn how to beautifully embroider the texture of satin stitch in lettering

Even those who start French embroidery for the first time

So that even those who are starting to embroider for the first time can try it I'll tell you in detail and in a simple way. In addition to how to use the tools, we will also practice laying lines and faces, lettering, flower embroidery, and applications. Embroidery is a task that takes more time than I thought, but if you do it step by step from the beginning as if you were locking the first button with me, you can carry it with you as much as you want until spring, summer, and fall. A unique embroidered message bag that can't be found anywhere else in the worldYou'll be able to complete it!

About how to place embroidery on mesh material

Not only common cloth materials Embroidery using sequins and beads on a special material called “mesh” I'll show you how to place it. From the basic methods of placing French embroidery and how to use tools to satin stitch How to keep the back side tidyI'll also let you know.

Especially when embroidering on mesh materials, more care must be taken during the finishing process. Since the inside of the material is see-through, the back side is neatly arrangedIt's also really important to do that. It takes a long time, but when you see things organized, you'll feel twice as proud.

Included in the package Message bags, eco bags, and pouches are made in-house by Ako Popampare, which cannot be purchased on the marketSo it's even more special. What is Apoco Fanfare's self-made mashback It is thin but does not stretch or tear easily, and dries quickly within a few minutes if wet It can also be coordinated in various ways during summer vacations.

Embroidered so beautifully Take a vacation with your own message bagHow about leaving? It's possible if you start now!

Beads, sequins, and special yarn

How materials such as bling-bling beads and sequins can be used in embroideryI would like to inform you. Compared to when regular embroidery is placed The splendor and sparkle are double It becomes, and since it is a point part, it will add a special touch. Imagine your own shimmering and sparkling message bag! I'll help you try various applications on your own.

Unique accessories made with embroidery

Through my class, all of you The fun of making your own special props with embroideryI hope you can feel it. Not only message bags and eco bags I can also embroider the hat's ribbon strap so I can coordinate it however I want We've also prepared a deluxe package with more ingredients!

It's just a small prop, but sometimes it's A means to express myselfI want to let you know that it could happen. For me, embroidery is like that. Come with me!





“The Basics of French Embroidery” for the completion of wonderful works


Bling Bling's colorful “stitching using sequins and beads”


'Merci Eco Bag', with satin-stitched lettering


'Tropical pouch' with simple pictures and lettering


“Flower embroidery mesh bag” with attractive see-through


Tips for managing messagebacks


Congratulations on your stubbornness!




Apoco fanfare embroidery designer This is Park Myeong-hwa.

Currently, I am A craft studio called “Apoco Fanfare”I run with a friend, conduct offline embroidery classes, and design and produce various accessories!

I majored in crafts at university, and began to seriously immerse myself in embroidery while studying textile design in depth at graduate school. I am Mainly embroidered fashion accessoriesI'm very interested in doing it. Among them Thin and shiny materials, colorful and shiny materialsI love it so much. However, the accessories and bags that I wanted to carry and that I wanted to carry were not always ready-made.

So I started making my own!

via class 101 For all of you I want to show you how to make a one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-kind accessory by matching French embroidery with unique materials!

Would you like to try it with me?


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