8 chapters · 10 hours 2 minutes
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Embroidery tools and embroidery threads
5 Class Projects

It takes about 45 minutes to 3 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • sampler ①

  • bouquet

  • Doggy and cat

  • sampler ②

  • Flower field and bear

Skills You’ll Learn

Basics of embroidery

Even those who are new to embroidery can safely learn the basics of embroidery by making samplers.

Practice stitching as you step up

In addition to making your first sampler, this is a curriculum where you can learn new stitches with samplers in the middle chapters so that you don't get bored, practice, and level up.

Embroidery with various motifs

We will embroider various motifs such as flowers and animals.

If you stab them carefully, one needle at a time, even Bukiccho-san can complete it in a cute way! Sheep's original flower and animal embroidery!

Nice to meet you! I'm a sheep who works as a handmade artist.

“Handmade artist” is a cool thing to say, but in fact, I myself have been self-taught to embroider since I was a complete beginner.

Because I'm self-taught, I've made a lot of mistakes until now, and I've realized points that are easy for beginners to stumble upon and parts that are difficult to understand with just handicraft books. I will pass on the embroidery know-how and tricks I learned through such trial and error in this class! Let's start having fun embroidering together!

This class says “I'm interested in embroidery, but I don't even know where to start!” “I don't have confidence in my manual dexterity!” Even those who say that can work on it with confidence. Because it's a video, you can learn from embroidery kinhonki, which is hard to understand with handicraft books or still images alone.

Let's get rid of the feeling that we are not good at it and enjoy the fun of embroidery

In this class, we will explain in detail not only how to sew basic stitches for embroidery, but also the characteristics of each stitch, where it is recommended to use it, and how to embroider patterns using stitches.

Eventually, if you have familiar illustration materials, you will be able to decide how to sew by yourself and make original embroidery, even if you don't specify how to sew.

Relax and enjoy the warm and cute embroidery

In this class, I created designs and structures with the first thought that everyone could continue to enjoy embroidering. It's also important to learn a lot of difficult techniques, but after all, I hope you know the fun of embroidery and continue after taking this class.

By completing one motif while doing various one-point embroidery, even after taking the class, you can learn techniques that can be used for general purposes, such as making use of one point to embroider on other things, or challenging other motifs by making use of basic stitching!

Be sure to try embroidery and say, “It's surprisingly easy to make cute things!” I would be happy if you could feel it.

Why don't you enjoy the embroidery time together, relax, and enjoy the fun of tingling and relaxing?





I've never done embroidery or online lessons until now!
It looks relaxed and a bit elaborate so that anyone can enjoy taking the course, but it's actually a design made with basic stitching.
Be sure to try it out,
“It's surprisingly easy to make cute things!” I would be happy if you could experience it.
We are waiting for you at the embroidery swamp! lol

Creator Interviews

Q. What kind of activities does the teacher do? Please tell us a little bit about your teacher!

I usually send out information about handmade products centered on embroidery through SNS such as Instagram and Twitter! I'm telling you about content for beginners in embroidery with a fast forward video of about 1 minute that fits on Instagram and Twitter. Recently, the book “Cute Embroidery That Even Bukiccho-san Can Do (Boutique Company)” has also been released.

Q. How did your teacher start embroidering?

It wasn't until a few years after I became a member of society that I started embroidering.

I didn't have enough budget at the time of the wedding (laughs) when I was making small items by hand, and I thought, “I think embroidery can reproduce original illustrations etc. in a bit of earnest”... I enjoyed being able to make any kind of work when I tried it, and I was completely addicted to it ever since.

Q. Why did you offer online classes with CLASS101?

I have been receiving thankful messages from SNS followers saying “I want you to open an embroidery class” for a long time, and when I was thinking about creating a place to learn embroidery “slowly” outside of SNS, I heard from Class101, and I want to help everyone! I want people other than my social media followers to see it too! I decided to start the course with that thought.

Q. What points did you put the most effort into when planning the class? Who would you recommend this class to?

Use only basic embroidery that even beginners can do, make sure that you don't need to change colors as much as possible, and above all, “think about a design that is simple but looks a bit elaborate!” I put effort into it.

If you look at the photos and think “it seems a little difficult...”, please take the course and say, “It's surprisingly not easy!” I want you to feel that ♪

Q. What kind of experience do you want the students to have through this class?

This is how embroidery is sewn! It's easy to do with anything other than designs that seem difficult! I would be happy if you could make discoveries such as! Also, I would be happy if I could get learning that I can make use of in the future, such as “will this sewing method be used like this?”





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