Learn the secrets of the creations of embroidery from artist Anna, who “never runs out of motifs”

At 101 Japan Creators' Showcase, we will explore creative secrets from leading experts in various fields who practice “living by what you like.”

The first timeI'm also an embroidery artistRun Lapin with Anna AtelierThis is Anna's.

The number of YouTube channel subscribers is about 100,000, and ANNAS has published many books.

While facing embroidery this much and continuing to send messages, they say “I want to embroider anything” and “there is no shortage of motifs.”

We will get close to the source of the idea of Anna, who says “I can do embroidery for a lifetime.”

Also, they thoroughly talked about the background behind the creation of embroidery with stories like Snow White and Rapunzel.

The latest issue,”You can embroider the pudding that appears in “Anna's Delicious Embroidery CAFE & SWEETS” with AnnaThere is also a mini lesson, so when you finish watching it, a cute pudding embroidery will stick on your T-shirt.


This Class Is For

  • Those who like embroidery and handmade
  • Those who want to start cute embroidery
  • Those who want to know tips for challenging new motifs and new styles


Class Requirements

There is no kit for this content.

Please purchase the required materials separately.

Class Highlights

① Peek inside the head of embroidery artist Anna

You can learn the source of creativity that talks about “there is no shortage of motifs.”


Do you know the tricks to embroider with movement

An embroidery that cuts out a story. I understand Anna's way of thinking about embroidery with movement.


Learn the tricks of embroidery through mini lessons

Even beginners can embroider cute pudding on T-shirts just by imitating them.


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Label name: annas (annas)

Name: Kawabata Anna (Kawabata Anna)

Born on 10/3/1980

Born in Osaka, lives in Tokyo


Graduated from junior college.

Nursery teacher, kindergarten teacher type 2 license, elementary school teacher type 2 license obtained.

Served as a kindergarten teacher for 3 years.

Began working as an embroidery artist in 2006.

He is active with original designs based on fairy tales, animals and plants as motifs.

A small-group embroidery class “Atelier Anna and Lapin” will be held in Nishi-Ogikubo, Tokyo.


“Anna's Delicious Embroidery CAFE & SWEETS” (Kawade Shobo Shinsha, 2022)

“New Edition Anna's Small Embroidery Designs ~12 Stories Drawn with Needles and Threads~” (Kobunsha, 2021) and many others




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