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With a variety of threads, 30 embroidery techniques, and punch needles
8 Class Projects

It takes about 1-18 hours to complete one class project.

  • Animal Fabric Book

  • Alphabet Patch

  • Embroidery Lettering Strap

  • Finger Puppet

  • Zipper Pouch & Key Ring

  • Punch Needle Frame

  • Move Doll

  • [DIY] Socks Embroidery

Skills You’ll Learn

How to Use Various Materials

Learn how to use DMC no.25, no.4, tapestry wool

How to Use Thin Thread Punch Needles

Learn how to punch needle embroidery with thin embroidery thread

How to Use Punch Needles to Embroidery

Learn how to create works that'll look like you've actually embroidered it just with punching needle

How to Make Various Useful Accessories

Learn tips for using exponents to create fun and useful accessories such as moving toys and finger puppets

How to Embroider Animal

Learn tips for using animal characteristics to decorate cute animals.

How to Make 3D Embroidery

Learn about commonly used 3D embroidery techniques.

Make Your Own Forest Full of Animals,

Full of Cuteness. Soonori Land Begins!

Soonori uses French embroidery to draw stories of animals in the forest and catch cute moments in daily life. When I first started embroidering, I was a beginner too. I was barely able to create my own story! By creating small embroideries in daily life and by adding a bit of imagination, you'll be in your healing era.

In this class, you'll mainly learn about making French embroidery with punching needles, which is quick and easy! From cute accessories to handmade toys using more than 30 embroideries and punch needle techniques, you'll complete a total of 7 works by the end of this class. Don't you want to join this journey to make cuteness overloadable animal embroideries?

30 types of embroidery techniques with various types of threads.

Never miss 3D stitching

Experience the world of French embroidery and punching needles with a variety of threads! There are tons of gorgeous threads all around the world. Feel the variety of threads hanging on your fingertips and complete the artwork that you'd love to make! Find what kinds of threads work for you and figure out your favorite one. Take your time to find those out! It will be a great help when making your accessories after completing the class.

This class also includes how to do a 3D stitching. The curriculum is organized by selecting not only the most commonly used one but also the ones that are easy to learn. Enjoy a richer embroidery life by adding punch needle embroidery to 3D stitching.

The embroidery techniques to be used in the class are prepared with a variety of designs so that you can fully master them while making an animal fabric book. Use it as a background when displaying works after completion.

All at once!

Use embroidery thread for both punching needles and French embroideryPunching needles are an easy craft for both crafty ones and also non-crafty ones! All you need to do is just poke! Then you'll get gorgeous work! Use the leftover embroidery threads stacked up in your garage!

Let's make an alphabet patch while practicing the punch needle tool and how to use it. You can make one with your loved one's initial as a gift!

The combination of fabric and thread is very important for punch needles. If they don't fit together, it won't work out. In order to make your embroidery life happier, I will show you the best materials to use when embroidering with punch needles.

With embroidery techniques, some parts that take a long time can be made much more easily and quickly by using punch needles. Various techniques will make it look like they were just embroidered using the French embroidery technique even if you are using a punch needle.

If French embroidery is difficult, it's also a good idea to embroider it just using a punch needle method. I'll show you how to make a picture frame full of flowers and plants using various techniques. Master all of the punching needle techniques with this class. Let's conquer this!

On top of these...


In this class, we are going to make a strap with colorful embroidery lettering. I do provide you an alphabet samples, so feel free to download and you it to make a lettering strap with the phrase you want. Add a cute lil patch to make it even more special! ✨

Don't you want to role-play with your cute little animal finger puppet? You'll get all the attention from your kids or nephews! 😝 Gift it to your kid! You can also put it on a lip balm on your desk or vanity to make it even cuter.

Inviting you to a dessert party with animals in my little forest! Let's make 3D stitches of a squirrel holding candy and a rabbit holding a cake. Learn which are easy to use among various types of 3D stitches and the most commonly used ones.

If you pull the string, the apple will pop up! Using toy parts you made, the fallen apple will move! Maybe you can gift your handmade toys for your kids or even nephews! Animated toys can stimulate children's curiosity.

Tired of your repetitive routine? Why not enjoy a little break at Soonori Land?
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Introduction to Soonori Studio's French Embroidery & Punch Needle Class


Learn How to Use French Embroidery Materials and Tools


Making Alphabet Patch: Learn A to Z about Punch Needle


Making an Animal Fabric Book - 1


Making an Animal Fabric Book - 2


Making an Animal Fabric Book - 3


Making an Embroidered Lettering Strap


Making a Finger Puppet


Making a Zipper Pouch and Key Ring


Drawing Frame Embroidery with Punch Needle


Making a Moving Toy


Tips for Professional Embroiders!


Congratulations on Completing the Course!


Soonori studio

Soonori studio

Hi! This is Soonori from Soonori Studio, here to color your heart <3.

Soonori Studio designs lots of fun hand needlework! My life has changed totally because of the embroidery class I took when I was struggling with my job before knowing embroidery. Since I gained a new hobby and I wanted to live the way I love, I decided to run the Soonori Studio to share the joy I felt with many other people!

The excitement of choosing the thread, the joy of creating a work with sweat, and the sense of accomplishment when all my work is finished. All of these are the reason why I wanted to continue embroidering. I hope that all of you can experience the excitement, joy, and sense of accomplishment I had while learning embroidery, with me, Soonori Studio.




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