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The sense of accomplishment I felt while completing small props

At a time when I had forgotten myself and was thirsty for a sense of accomplishment, French embroidery was a solution. I would like to enjoy my own time slowly and share with many people the sense of accomplishment I felt while completing each small item, from basic stitching to three-dimensional stitching.

I don't just learn the stitches, but I can also complete the embroidery by choosing the stitches that match the pictures I've drawn.

As a first person, I began drawing my own paintings little by little, and every time I finished, I felt like I wanted to be recognized along with a sense of accomplishment, so many people asked me about the course. Starting with one-day classes, I am now meeting many people through collaborative lectures for fashion brands and lectures at 3 companies.

Starting with the basics of embroidery stitch

Even how to make your own props

Learning to embroider stitches is important, but it's too wasteful if you don't have anything to use with the finished embroidery, right? I'll show you how to make your own props, starting with the simplest thing of drawing a few strands of thread and stitching them on a needle. After completing the lesson, I want to be able to continue applying small accessories with my own French embroidery stitches! You can accentuate any place you want with an embroidery stitch, right?!

Made with three-dimensional embroidery

cute character illustration

Each embroidery artist has a variety of styles, and I like the illustrative cute character elements. I also enjoy seasonal embroidery, which can only be done during that season.

I want you to share the same feelings by teaching me how to embroider cute embroidery accessories that kill the hearts of people who have the same taste as me!

It may not be perfect from the beginning, but I want you to feel the joy of finishing your time while embroidering in an empty space.

Healing time to find yourself while embellishing your favorite things

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Mano (mano) means “hand” in Spanish. I am a French embroidery artist who draws my own three-dimensional paintings on a fabric as if I were painting by hand with various colors and different types of threads.

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