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When I place the embroidery, the noise around me becomes frequent, and I feel that my mind becomes transparent. If you focus on the needle and thread, you'll get used to enjoying time quietly.

IMG_9997.JPG 백일가랜드01.jpg How to use simple, basic stitches is more important than making special, difficult stitches. I'll show you how many ways you can use simple stitches one by one, starting with the basics.

본보야지 에코백.JPG At the workshop, I wanted to focus on each student, so I've been doing 1:1 classes for 5 years. We have prepared it so that the class can be delivered as it is. Let's complete the beautiful embroidery that comes into the palm of your hand together.

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Class recommendation target

- Those who want to embroider plants - Those who enjoy making four trilogies and four trilogies by hand - Those who want to try three-dimensional stitching - Those who want to make accessories with French embroidery - Those who want to enjoy their time quietly

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Estimated class time

A total of 5 chaptersIt will be carried out as, A total of 4 worksI'll try to make it. When I'm trying to create a work Chapters 1 and 3Is 2 hours, Chapters 2 and 4Is 3 hours to 4 hours It takes a degree.

The time required may vary depending on the individual and the speed of progress.

What do you learn?

Listen to the explanation of embroidery materials and learn how to use them. You will learn how to use the tools you need to start embroidering. Once you know it, I'll give you a collection of tips that you'll use regularly.

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Learn the embroidery know-how unique to Yvonne Morgan.

Embroidery designs can be expressed infinitely depending on the thickness of the thread or the size of the sweat, so even if you learn a few stitches properly, you can use them in a variety of ways. Let's learn Yvonne Morgan's unique French embroidery using dots, lines, and cotton together.

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Embroider using three-dimensional stitches. You'll learn how to embroider in three dimensions, which is easier than you think. If you add a three-dimensional stitch to the basic stitch, you will have a more special embroidery accessory.

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Learn how to use designs. If you've taken all of this course, you've already learned enough to embroider a lot of designs. I'll help you separate one pattern into smaller ones so you can use them in a variety of ways. Because embroidery must continue.






Hallo I'm Lee Myung Seong of Yvonne Morgan. I've been working on candles and embroidery in Yeonnam-dong since 2013. The book “Yvonne Morgan's Dots, Lines, and Cotton Embroidery - Botanical Lettering” was published in January 2018. A second embroidery book on the theme of cats was also published in October 2018.

We conduct classes and classes with the belief that everyone can become an artist if they realize their own tastes and practice constantly, even without having to receive a special education.

Like our slogan, “Time to fully meet yourself, and fragrance,” we hope that everyone who spends time with Yvonne Morgan will embark on a journey to meet a new self.





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