4 chapters · 2 hours 36 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Japanese

3 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour to 2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Sake Heart

  • Shinning Diamond

  • Viola

Skills You’ll Learn

bead collage technique

Create high-quality works by combining the basics of bead embroidery and various materials

Master white

“White is so colorful!” By noticing this, your sense of color will be sharpened.

Nice to meet you! This is Cottonberry TOKO.

We are offering an online course to create and teach a white world using the original technique “bead collage” made by collaging beads and lace.

I've loved handmade since I was little, and I've tried many different genres. All of them can now be done in their own way, and what I realized one day was that “the basics are important in every genre.”

Then, I realized that white, which is the basic color, is very colorful, which is what led me to start embroidering with white beads.

A wonderful work to create while learning the original technique called bead collage!

By combining various materials with the basic material of bead embroidery and further specializing in white, even beginners will be able to easily create high-quality works.

White is the color of the start, the color of zero.

I found a lot of colors in white and thought, “White is so colorful!” By noticing this, your sense of color is sharpened.

Also, if you master white, you will be able to easily create colorful works.

Let's make a work with an original design!

I thought of an original design for this class. We have prepared not only the heart and square designs that were in greatest demand, but also works where you can learn slightly complicated application techniques.

The number of uses for all 3 works is endless depending on the metal fittings that can be attached, such as brooches and hairpins. Please try using it in various ways!





You can create works using only basic techniques and white! I want you to realize that. Also, I want Hajime-san to have confidence that they can do it.

“I want to make it!” If you have that feeling, you will be able to “do it”! I would be happy if you could feel the fun of making and the joy of doing it.

Creator Interviews

Q. Why did you offer online classes with CLASS101?

A. Since it is an online hobby class, we wanted to deliver content that anyone can enjoy.

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