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3 Class Projects

It takes about 40 minutes to 1 hour hour(s) to complete each project.

  • bead stitch ring

  • Suzuran's ear accessories

  • ear accessories with bead embroidery

Skills You’ll Learn

Bead Stitch Basics

How to do peyote stitch and how to match the size

How to finish in three dimensions

Learn while making Suzuran ear accessories, making three-dimensional beads

bead embroidery

How to put on glass, how to decorate pearls, how to finish the back

Making cute accessories starting from the basics of bead stitching

Nice to meet you. It is a 3pan that makes bead accessories.

Two former colleagues who were in charge of developing accessories and kit products hit it off and launched 3pan. We make stylish things that can be used everyday, and accessories that we would like to use ourselves. Then, we deliver recipes that are easy to understand, and we are working while imagining that they will enjoy making them.

You can choose your favorite from 2 types of kits, and you can easily get started with the necessary materials at hand

This class is designed so that people who want to try making their own accessories, but can't get started easily, and those who are uneasy about being alone can take the course with peace of mind. You can learn the basics of bead stitch made with needle and thread through classes. Through classes, you can learn tips for making beautiful things, how to use metal fittings, and how to finish accessories.

After that, I would like you to continue to enjoy making bead accessories by arranging the types and colors of beads, trying original accessories that are one step further, and continuing to enjoy making bead accessories.

Bead accessories for a beautiful finish that you can enjoy alone time that you are getting carried away with

Once you've finished attending the course, you can arrange it too!

I think the hurdle is quite high when it comes to original bead accessories. Therefore, we have designed a curriculum that is relatively easy to arrange. I like the detailed work! I like working hard! I would like such people to experience it.





I worked in the corporate planning office for 10 years and was in charge of developing accessories and kit products. After that, we got married, and when childcare settled down, we launched 3pan with two former colleagues. At previous companies, I experienced a series of tasks from purchasing to planning, making works, printed materials, and sales. From the experience of making works that meet customer needs and making all kinds of products, we now want to create original products that are unique to us and deliver them to everyone.

[Creator Interview]

This is an interview with Mr. Masuhara, who is in charge of making kits and accessories, and Mr. Katagiri, who is in charge of photography and video shooting. Below they are expressed by Mr. M and Mr. K.

Q. What kind of activities do you two usually do? Please introduce yourself briefly!

M: We make bead accessory kits. I am mainly in charge of making works and purchasing materials. We will also prepare recipe manuscripts and set up kits.

We mainly sell bead accessory kits as K:3pan. My job is taking photos and shooting how-to videos. Using an illustrator, we also create recipe data and set ingredients.

Q. Please tell us about your experience and achievements so far! Please tell me about exhibitions, awards, etc.

M: I was enrolled in the planning department of a bead manufacturer and planned and produced products. They made not only accessories, but also animal mascots and interior accessories.

K: After graduating from the art department, I worked as a designer at a bead maker's planning office for about 10 years. I mainly used illustrators to work. After I left the company, I launched 3pan with my former colleague, my partner, and it continues to the present.

Q. How did your teacher start making bead accessories?

M: I also learned dressmaking when I was a student, and I liked handicrafts, so I used to embroider and knit as a hobby. It wasn't until I joined the company that I became involved in beads. There are also many handicraft elements, and everything up until then was useful.

K: I first came across bead accessories after I joined the company because my place of employment was a bead manufacturer. I don't think I had touched a bead until then. Originally, I was good at detailed work, and it was the perfect place of employment for me.

Q. Why did you offer online classes with CLASS101?

M: I've done workshops at my previous job, and I remember that customers were very happy when they saw subtle nuances and techniques that weren't found in recipes. I'd like to do a workshop at 3pan, but since each of them is at home, it's not quite realistic to go far away. Under such circumstances, I feel very grateful to have had such an opportunity.

K: I usually sell kit products, but there is a limit to the paper recipes that can be included in the kit. No matter how carefully you write your explanation, I think it's easiest to understand if you watch them work on a video. Online classes can make that happen. Right now, I'm worried about going out and learning because of COVID-19.

Q. What points did you put the most effort into when planning the class? Who would you recommend this class to?

M: I think the hurdle is quite high when it comes to original bead accessories. Therefore, we have designed a curriculum that is relatively easy to arrange. I like the detailed work! I like working hard! I would like such people to experience it.

K: I'm going to create classes with people who want to try but can't get the first steps easily, and those who have made it but want to level up. I would like to make the classes polite and easy to understand.

Q. What kind of experience do you want the students to have through this class?

M: I made this kit to use beads of various shapes as much as possible. I hope you can actually touch it with your hands, experience it, and enjoy making it.

K: There are so many colors and types of beads. I think you'll be at a loss as to what to do. First of all, I hope that you will learn the basics thoroughly in this course, and that little by little you will be able to think about using beads of different colors or making originals using different types of beads.

Q. Please give a message to the students!

M: Unlike face-to-face workshops, production time is free. There are individual differences in the time it takes to complete. I think the advantage of online classes is that you can proceed slowly and at your own pace without being impatient. I want you to enjoy a fulfilling private time and a sense of accomplishment in creating elaborate works.

K: Bead accessories are completed little by little, little by little, and it's a painstaking process. I would be happy if you could take the course while enjoying the finished process.





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