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thread and needle, sewing machine
2 Class Projects

It takes about 8~24 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • botanical embroidery coin purse (choice 1)

  • Wool embroidery coin purse (choice 1)

Skills You’ll Learn

Basic stitching

Beginners are safe to learn from the basic stitches used in this class.

botanical embroidery

Learn how to embroider to beautifully express botanical motifs.

How to make a coin purse

From sewing the fabric to fitting the mouthpiece, you will learn how to tailor a coin purse.

Why don't you incorporate the fun of making miscellaneous goods by tailoring embroidered things into your life?

Hello, I'm Awjhandmade, a husband and wife working as creators. My wife is in charge of sewing and began making handmade miscellaneous goods centered on coin purses in 2015. The following year, 2016, my husband was in charge of embroidery, and we started making things together.

Normally, I am conscious of the warmth unique to handicrafts that are not found in ready-made products, and I try to carefully create each work one by one. I would like to deliver such a class where people who pick up the finished work can feel a little relaxed.

This class was designed with that in mind. Everyone who takes the course

“Just embroider”

“Make a pouch with a coin purse”

Not only that, but we will tell you the methods we usually do so that we can finish it cleanly with all our thoughts.

A quiet time to face yourself while carefully embroidering stitches one by one

In this class, we will begin by embroidering basic stitches. We will tailor the first flower and mimosa embroidery, which is plump and relaxed, and the second botanical embroidery, which beautifully embellishes many motifs in one tone, into a coin purse of each size. If you proceed carefully one by one, you can make a high-quality coin purse that can also be used as a gift.

Two types of kits are available, beige and dull blue, so you can choose your favorite color.

Let's enjoy a relaxing time at home while slowly concentrating and embroidering

We have done a lot of trial and error so far with the aim of “making things that look beautiful.” I would like to tell you the tricks to make it look beautiful that I have created by myself, and the points that should be kept in mind!

After attending the course, I will teach you production methods that can be used when creating original works and other works in the class.

Until now,

“Embroidery seems difficult”

“I'm clumsy, but I wonder if I can tailor a coin purse”

Even if you think that, I will tell you gently and carefully so that you can complete the work if you carefully make it one by one according to the order, so let's start together.



Awj handmade

Awj handmade

In 2015, we began manufacturing handmade miscellaneous goods centered on coin purses and pouches. Production activities for hand-embroidered cloth accessories began the following year, 2016. I was working as an artist in earnest, centering on auctions, but when I was allowed to supervise a wool-embroidered pouch kit, I began working as an artist in earnest.


●Felissimo Couturier 2021-22 Autumn/Winter Edition Flowers that Color the Garden, Heart Exciting Wool Embroidered Pouch Association Supervised by

●AOI DOOR's “Blue Door Exhibition”

●ZAKKA MOKO “Living with Flowers”

[Creator Interview]

Q. What kind of activities do teachers usually do? Please introduce yourself briefly!

I usually create works for people to participate in events and exhibitions at general stores. Also, in order to create new works, I spend my time repeatedly designing and embroidering through trial and error. Also, while playing with children, I observe the plants growing along the roadside and in the park.

Q. How did your teacher start embroidering and sewing?

● Person in charge of embroidery:It started when I picked up an embroidery book as a trial because I wanted to have a hobby that I can enjoy in my old age from now on. I think being able to spend time slowly and concentrating suited my personality.

● Person in charge of sewing:Since I was little, I have been fond of making things, sewing and crafting, and it has continued until now.

Q. Why did you offer online classes with CLASS101?

Class101's “Create a world where everyone can live by doing what they like.” The fact that I sympathized with the concept of “Let's start a course!” It was the biggest trigger I thought.

Also, I thought that I wanted more time for trial and error on new works, and I thought it would be nice if many people could enjoy the fun of making things that can be done at home in this time of year when time at home has increased dramatically, so I thought I would take on the challenge of starting an online class.

Q. What points did you put the most effort into when planning the class? Who would you recommend this class to?

However, in addition to embroidering and making coin purses, we put effort into telling you how to make the work look more beautiful and the methods we usually do.

There is also a unique method, but I recommend it to those who think that the finish of our work is good.

Q. What kind of experience do you want the students to have through this class?

I want you to experience the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment you feel when colors and three-dimensional effects appear on the fabric as you proceed with embroidery. Also, “Let's try this more next time!” I want people to experience the fun of making things that seem like.

Q. Please give a message to the students!

It will be a mini-class of creating 2 works, but let's work on it carefully one by one.

I think there are some people who feel stressed because they can't go out as expected,

I want you to relax and enjoy your time at home while embroidering!



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