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Cute sashimi lesson for adults ~ various soft colored one-eyed sashimi patterns ~



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3 Class Projects

It takes about to complete one class project.

  • Drops on the Ten Trees

  • biscuit pattern

  • Flower sashimi

Skills You’ll Learn

Tips for beautiful embroidery, color combinations that are hard to fail

I'll tell you how to beautifully embroider a cute sashiko pattern “from the back of the back.”

How to handle thread and basic stabbing methods

From how to wind a thread, you will learn basic stabbing methods such as cleaning up a thread and tying a thread

How to make salashi

You will learn how to draw on a clean surface and how to make the corners come out cleanly.

Let's make 3 types of cute sashiko dish towels

In this class, while learning basic embroidery methods (starting to embroider, exchanging threads, string strings) so that even beginners can take the course, I will teach you tricks to be able to stab all the way to the back side cleanly and color combinations that are hard to fail.

The creators themselves will tell you about their experiences of not being able to do well in their experiences up until now, and why they were able to complete it even though they were almost frustrated, so let's have fun making Sashiko's work until the end, although it takes time.

Effects you can expect after taking the course

You'll learn something like this!

  • Basic stabbing methods such as stabbing, how to connect a thread, pull a thread, etc.
  • How to stab the back to stab me cleanly
  • Tips for matching colors
  • How to make bleached (How to use a square or how to make a handkerchief or dish towel)

Recommended classes for people like this

  • Those who can't get away well with information such as specialized books or Instagram
  • Those who cannot attend sashiko classes due to time, distance, shyness, etc.
  • Those who want to learn at their own pace
  • Those who have been interested for a long time but haven't been able to get started due to lack of opportunity

When you take the course

This class sells kits selected by creators. Please see “Go see the kit” for kit details and recommended materials and tools for taking this class.

Q. Is it possible for a complete beginner to complete a work?

A. Yes, it's fine. I will explain each difficulty level so that beginners can start with peace of mind.

Q. Can the work be used commercially?

A. The pattern I'm creating this time doesn't have any particular copyright, so it's fine.

Q. Do I have to buy a kit?

A. No. It's something you can easily buy at home or at the nearest handicraft shop, online shop, etc., so you don't need a kit.

What makes this class so special

A sashiko work with cute patterns and color combinations

We will create 3 popular one-touch sashimi works, from simple ones that can be stabbed cleanly even by first-time users with a few tips, to patterns that can be beautifully pierced all the way to the back.





Drops on the Ten Trees


biscuit pattern


Flower sashimi




[Creator Interview]

Q. What kind of activities do you do?

I'm posting Sashiko's completed work on Instagram. Currently completed works are sold on consignment or on Instagram to those who wish. Also, I belong to the local sashimi association.

Q. What led you to start sashiko, sensei?

On Instagram, which I started 5 years ago, I saw a few pictures of cute, colorful dishcloths in a basket, and I was glued to it. That was the first time I got to know sashiko. In order to actually start sashiko from there, I purchased materials and specialized books based on information I looked up on Instagram, started stabbing, and it continues to the present.

Q. Why did CLASS101 offer online classes?The trigger was a call from CLASS101. While posting on Instagram on a daily basis, I was personally asked a lot of questions about how to stab, etc., so I decided to start the course in the hope that my own experience would be useful even a little bit.

Q. What points did you put the most effort into planning your classes?We have planned patterns and color schemes that are easy to understand and fun to stick with until the end, especially for beginners and those who have been frustrated before.

Q. What kind of experience do you want students to have through this class?

I want you to enjoy the sense of accomplishment of completing one work while resolving questions that arise during production. And I hope it becomes one of those hobbies that you can keep doing for a long time after taking the course.

Q. Please give a message to the students.

Sashiko is an embroidery that allows you to start piercing anytime, anywhere with just a needle, thread, and cloth. There are also works where I had questions and were about to get frustrated while stabbing for about 5 years, and I stopped along the way. I would be happy if we could enjoy sashimi together while sharing that experience.


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