10 chapters · 9 hours 48 minutes
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7 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour to 20 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Basic stitching exercises

  • initial embroidery handkerchief

  • Brooch using basic stitching

  • An eco bag with flower embroidery added one point

  • flower embroidery frame

  • Making an original embroidery pattern

  • “Deluxe Limited” 5 Wheel Pansy

Skills You’ll Learn

Tips for creating beautiful gradations with long and short stitches

I will teach you tips so that even those who are not good at it can become good at it.

Add alphabet embroidery to handkerchiefs

Add a point to your handkerchief with an embroidery pattern from A to Z.

How to make an original design

Feel the fun of finding your favorite motifs and embroidering them.

Welcome to the world of needle painting, flowers that bloom with needles and threads

Hello, I'm Hasegawa, a needle painting artist.

In this class, we will learn needle painting techniques, focusing on long and short stitches.

I will teach you tips so that even those who are not good at long and short stitching and have given up will become good at what they are not good at.

Choose the color of the thread and create a beautiful gradation, and before you know it, you should have completed a picture-like flower.

One point to add to a handkerchief with alphabet embroidery

In this class, we will be offering embroidery patterns from A to Z along with handkerchiefs. I'll also show you how to embroider your handkerchiefs. This one-point customized handkerchief is perfect for a thoughtful gift!

Unlimited viewing for 5 months! Repeat over and over again when you don't understand

On CLASS101, you can watch videos as many times as you like for 5 months. Let's improve little by little while repeating things that are difficult or don't understand well.

In this class, I will also introduce in detail the position of the hand when embroidering, which could not be seen in the book, and the state of the back side of the embroidery. Learning professional skills isn't a dream either.

Here's how to make original designs and how to enjoy professional embroidery

It's okay if you can't draw! I'll show you how to make an original design in a simple way!

I want everyone to know the fun of finding your favorite motifs and embroidering them.

Let's start a fun needle painting life together!



Kazuki Hasegawa

Kazuki Hasegawa

Creator Interviews

Q. How did you get into needle painting?

A. I became interested in embroidery because of a book by Ayako Otsuka, whom I met by chance when I was 30 years old.

Embroidery has been around since elementary school, and Ayako-sensei's books are completely different from the image of embroidery I had until then, and they are “unique and interesting” and “fashionable!” It was a wonderful book that made me think, “I want to make a little bit of my own.” (The book ABC of embroidery is currently out of print)

I started embroidery with such a light feeling, but while I enjoyed embroidering, I was able to meet friends, artists, and various people through embroidery.

In response to a question that is often asked, “After all, have you liked embroidery since you were a kid?” I'm asked, but that's not the case at all. Rather, the home economics embroidery class was boring and not fun.

It's a big difference whether you stop embroidering for just one reason at the beginning, or you have fun and become an artist.

In that sense, I feel a heavy responsibility for people who first encounter embroidery through me.

I feel very sad and sorry when I feel that embroidery is difficult or boring because of me. I don't like embroidery, but don't dislike embroidery...

As a result of this CLASS101 lesson, embroidery became even more fun ♪, I fell in love with it! Above all, I would be more than happy if you could feel it. Cherish your feelings of love and admiration, and enjoy embroidery.



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