Skills You’ll Learn

Draw a pattern easily

Use a water-soluble wick to make drawing a pattern easier.

Identifying the hair's grain direction and embroidering

Check the direction of the animal's fur and embroider it by turning an angle according to the direction.

Learn embroidery techniques that can make use of a three-dimensional effect

Learn how to express the three-dimensional effect of bright fur, which is a difficult part of animal embroidery.

Making a three-dimensional brooch

Let's make the embroidered fabric a brooch with a clean finish on the back.

Get started easily with the delicate and cute animal embroidery!

I love animals so much that I fell in love with embroidering pets Stitch Art Institute It's.

Like drawing a picture with thread Animal embroidery completed by embroidering! The process of embroidering sparkly eyes, cute noses and mouths, and the hair direction and pattern of each animal with one sweat at a time is really healing.

After the healing process of embellishing animal hair one by one, it is more realistic than a picture that really makes you feel alive A delicate work of my ownThis will be completed.

Small but very delicate animal embroidery! Is it because animal hair and thread have the same texture? Regardless of the size of the work Animal embroidery works are so delicate and cute that you'll want to touch them.

In an easy and cute animal embroidery learning class

Learn the basics and tips for animal embroidery.

There are times when I want to learn animal embroidery, but I'm wondering if I can really complete it or if animal embroidery is right for me, right?

Experience a small work first before jumping into a big one Animal embroidery introduction classLet's get started. Small but delicate yet cute Basics of animal embroideryI'll tell you about it step by step.

It's a class for making small props Time to build a solid foundation for animal embroideryIt's probably going to happen.

Let's learn techniques only for animal embroidery!

There are so many different embroidery techniques, but not all of them are used in animal embroidery. It just takes tips and practice to express hair.

Anyone can create delicate animal embroidery works easily and in a fun way without professional skills.

I will lay the foundation for animal embroidery by making cute brooches.

This class is one of the French embroidery techniques In particular, some techniques required for animal embroideryIt's time to learn to listen and apply these techniques to perfect them. If you're looking for a way to get started with animal embroidery, this is the best choice!

Also, don't just embroider animals, learn tips on how to neatly finish the back side of the animal embroidery and make it into a brooch!

Even application with your own sensibility

If you continue to practice the basic lesson content and expression techniques even after the class is stubborn, you will be able to fully apply them to your own animal embroidery.

Furthermore, animals of various colors can also be represented, right? I'll try to embellishe cute little animals and help you challenge more animals in class!

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Complete the props with cute animals! French embroidery with mentee embroidery

French Embroidery  |  MENTI



We invite you to the world of animal embroidery.


Learn the basics of animal embroidery.


We support the beginning of animal embroidery.




Hallo I'm Jang Hye-ran of Stitch Art Institute, an embroidery artist who paints with thread.

I graduated from the Department of Visual Design and worked as a graphic designer for over 10 years. My job required me to spend a long time with a computer, but as I spent more time with a computer, I found an analog hobby of drawing and making by hand.

As a result, I came across Oriental embroidery and Western embroidery one after another, and I fell in love with the charm of embroidery.

I run the Stitch Art Research Institute and published a book on embroidery techniques called “French embroidery in everyday life to design everyday life” in 2018, and have been conducting one-day classes, regular classes, and external lectures until now.

Also, I used to intermittently embellished my favorite animals and used them as materials in class. There are so many people who love to embroider pets, so we have even set up a pet embroidery class, and now we are running animal embroidery classes online and offline.

In particular, this class is an introductory course for learning animal embroidery, and is designed so that beginners can learn easily and simply.

Like drawing with thread, I'll slowly teach you how to embroider one by one.




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