Skills You’ll Learn

The basics of French embroidery

You'll learn the tools used in French embroidery and how to use them.

Versatile basic stitching

Once you know it, you can apply it in a variety of ways, so you'll learn about commonly used stitches

Simple application method

Let's try to embroider together how to use the stitches we've learned

Complete with props

Arrange a variety of stitches to complete the props

Create your own work

Here are some tips on how to use French embroidery in a variety of ways

Those who are new to French embroidery!

Here it is, let's get started with Roy Black!

Hello, I'm Roy Black, a French embroidery artist who embellishes a girl's heart. More than Diverse topics, youthful senseThrough the class, I'm showing you that French embroidery is a hobby that men and women of all ages can love

In Class 101, there is a one-point class for beginners What to bring guideI met my classmate at Now I want to share more detailed and interesting content through the mini class.

So that those who start embroidery as a hobby can feel free to get started simplicitythough Versatile stitchingonly Carefully selected I'm back in Miniclass

8 frequently used basic stitches,

Thoroughly even the know-how for use!

It's not difficult! With just 8 basic stitches, you can draw an infinite number of pictures and even complete useful props within a few days.

Once you've finished it, try making it a great accessory to use all over the place in your everyday life. I'll tell you the secret to making small items with simple tasks.

We'll be together for a long time!

Even tips for French embroidery that will continue in the future.

It's not just about learning techniques, but your own later To be able to apply it when drawing a pattern I'll even teach you how to use it.

Even after class My own designIf you draw a fabric that you meet in your daily life, you will be able to fill it with embroidery.

Everywhere in everyday life is filled with emotion.

I will always keep up with my daily life even after class Daily necessitiesI'm going to complete it with. Homemade props give joy in life for a long time, or A special giftIt will become deeply entrenched in that person's heart! Let's get started now?

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French embroidery adorns a fragrant flower garden within a few days

French Embroidery  |  ミナランド(minaland)



Let's find out about French embroidery materials and how to use them


Let's learn basic stitching


Easy way to make a tea coaster


Making a flower garden rabbit embroidery magnet




Hello, embellishing a girl's heart

I'm Roy Black, a French embroidery artist.

I get older, but my heart is always Stay a girl Isn't there one?

I still love pink and I want to be a princess.

More than French embroidery with my own colors like this Diverse,

YOUNGBeing able to draw a picture

I want to show it to a lot of people.

Breaking prejudice, French embroidery for men and women of all ages

It's fun A fascinating hobbyI would like to be able to feel it as.



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