Skills You’ll Learn

How to read the Keizai Shimbun to make money revealed

Studying economics begins with reading. If you have an eye for finding valuable information, the world will look different.

Distinguish between real and fake news in a flood of news

How do you pick out the pearl-like news that makes money from the tons of news pouring in every day?

Scrap know-how that leads to investment as soon as you read it

It's no use once you've finished reading it. We'll share scrap know-how that leads to investment as soon as you read it.

Check out all the news from various fields!

Let's learn how to read economic articles by field, such as financial/economic indicators articles, industrial/securities articles, international/government policy articles, real estate articles, etc.:)

Korea No. 1

I'm Krystal, coach of the Keizai Shimbun scrap.

✔ Class introduction

It's not difficult to link economic newspaper clippings to investments.

It's just difficult to read.

Most people know the importance of reading the Keizai Shimbun.

However, I'm just reading it with my own eyes, or I'm just scraping it for a summary.

Why would that be the case? I think so.

I'm reading it, but I don't know how to connect it to an investment.

That's why I created the Keizai Shimbun class.

“How can even beginners pick economic articles that make money easily and scrape them into investments? It is a class born from. Read economic newspapers strategically, Scrap methods that can be made with moneyAll will be revealed.


✔ About the creators

#국내최초 Keizai Shimbun Scrap Coach

#경제신문스크랩 Year 8

#베스트셀러 <To invest, Keizai Shimbun > Author

Seven years have already passed since I worked as a scrap coach for the Keizai Shimbun, and I have been running the “Kyungshin Challenge (Keizai Shimbun Scrape One-Month Course)” for 3 years, which provides the first Keizai Newspaper Scrap Guide in Korea based on accumulated know-how.

In addition, it also produced a ridiculous maximum yield of 498%. Now it's your turn to be the protagonists. Find insights linked to investment through the Keizai Shimbun, and through the habit of scraping the Keizai Shimbun We will help you in the process of developing the ability to find companies that make money “on your own.”


Course effect

  • Not a scrap for summary, Scrap for application to investmentYou will be able to do it.
  • On my own You can develop the ability to interpret and understand the content of economic articles.
  • The Keizai Shimbun, which seemed difficult Easy and fun I can feel it.
  • Looking at past trends, The wisdom of seeing the futureYou will be equipped with
  • What kind of articles should I read to make money Choose for yourselfYou'll be able to do it.

Recommended classes

  • I just want to start studying economics Kyungrin
  • On my own Investment InsightsPeople who want to develop the ability to create
  • Read the Economic Newspaper Apply to investmentThe person who wants to do it
  • To upgrade my life The habit of making moneyPeople who want to have


3 reasons why this class is special

❶ Anyone can create a scraping habit right away.

You don't need very difficult skills to start studying economics. The best way is to keep looking and find words with interest and get used to them. The easiest and most convenient way to get started is by clipping the Keizai Shimbun. though Summarizing randomly is rather a shortcut to breaking with the Keizai ShimbunIt is. Get a proper scraping habit through this class.

❷ You can apply a method that goes beyond simply reading and links to actual investment.

It's the same when we usually read books. No matter how good a book we read, if we just read it and pass by without application, growth and change will not occur in our lives. We must upgrade our lives by thinking and applying what we want to read. Economic newspaper clippings are also not just about organizing; they must be applied to investments to experience asset growth. I'll tell you all of that know-how.

❸ It was filled with practical content through specific examples.

Are you tired of Keizai Shimbun books that only explain theory? The fields you must check out in the Keizai Shimbun are divided into 7 categories, I will show practical examples of how to scrape and link each field to investment. We'll show you all the courses, so you can get straight to the action.


✔ Vivid reviews






Don't pile up economic newspapers anymore,

Gain investment insight.

📢 Tuition saving tips!

Class 101 offers an annual subscription service.

Therefore, it's a system where you pay for a year all at once.

However, you can unsubscribe at any time!

You can get a refund by deducting the length of time you took the course and the refund penalty (10%).

In other words, the sooner you take the course, the more money you can get a refund!

🚨 Notes before taking the course

  • Replace the explanation of a very basic definition of a concept with a book <to invest, the Economic Newspaper>
  • (ex. What is a bond? What is interest rate?)

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How to link economic newspaper clippings to investments


Why should I know how to read the Keizai Shimbun?


How to read the Keizai Shimbun to make money


Scrap know-how that leads to investment as soon as you read it


If you read an article on financial/economic indicators, you can see the flow of money


If you read international/government policy articles, you can see industries to invest in


If you read industrial/securities articles, you'll see stocks you should buy


If you read a real estate article, you'll see an opportunity to arrange a home


A secret tool to increase return on investment


Fight for money with the Economic Newspaper!




🏆Korea's first economic newspaper scrap coach

🥇 'CRYSTAL TV'40,000 subscribers, YouTubers in the economic and financial sector

📒 Author of the bestseller “If You Want to Invest, Keizai Shimbun”

✔ Leader of [Kyungshin's Challenge], the only one in Korea that provides a guide to scraping economic newspapers

✔ Selected as a Naver influencer in the economic and stock sector

✔ Selected as a creator in the field of economic and fiscal policy by the 2021 Korea Policy Press Group

✔ SBS Special Episode 609: Burinyi, Donghak Ant, and Modern Things Financial Performers

✔ Lecturer on basic stocks and ETFs (Samsung Multicampus, Megaland, ClassU)

✔ Attended many students including Kim Young-sam Municipal Library, Hyundai Department Store, and Konkuk University

✔ CEO of Crystal Academy

✔ Former Kakao Securities (now Securities Plus) content team member


The feeling of being overwhelmed when reading the Keizai Shimbun for the first time

I know it better than anyone else.

When I didn't even know the “a” character of economics, what I could do was just “read the Keizai Shimbun as soon as it came to me.” The fact that this world is moving towards capitalism and I didn't know that stocks even existed made the Keizai Shimbun more difficult than English fingerprints.

But I was eager. So what can I do to make it easier to read? How can I connect to investments? I thought fiercely about Having trouble even reading one article in 2016, the girl created a job called “Keizai Shimbun Scrap Coach” for the first time in Korea, published a book in the Keizai Shimbun, and became a bestselling author in 2022.

I have prepared this class for those who, like me in the past, find the economy difficult and find the meaning of the terms more difficult than English. I encourage capitalism to create a slightly more relaxed life through the economy and investment. Let's meet in our class 101!





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