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[Excel sheet provided] 10 times net worth over 7 years! From money management to stock portfolios A to Z


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Systematic money management

Learn simple yet powerful money management secrets to prevent money from leaking out!

Stock investment skills

Learn the skills to not lose money when investing in stocks and ETFs!

Your own stock portfolio

Here's how I can create my own stock portfolio!

Monetize your blog

Learn how to earn income other than salary through blogging!

First, I'll introduce it as a webtoon!

[엑셀시트 제공] 7년간 순자산 10배! 돈관리 부터 주식 포트폴리오까지 A to Z _소개웹툰_1

▶ [Excel sheet provided] 10 times net assets for 7 years! From money management to stock portfolios A to Z _Introduction webtoon_1

[엑셀시트 제공] 7년간 순자산 10배! 돈관리 부터 주식 포트폴리오까지 A to Z _소개웹툰_2

▶ [Excel sheet provided] 10 times net assets for 7 years! From money management to stock portfolios A to Z _Introduction webtoon_2

[엑셀시트 제공] 7년간 순자산 10배! 돈관리 부터 주식 포트폴리오까지 A to Z _소개웹툰_3

▶ [Excel sheet provided] 10 times net assets for 7 years! From money management to stock portfolios A to Z _Introduction webtoon_3

[엑셀시트 제공] 7년간 순자산 10배! 돈관리 부터 주식 포트폴리오까지 A to Z _소개웹툰_4

▶ [Excel sheet provided] 10 times net assets for 7 years! From money management to stock portfolios, A to Z _Introduction Webtoon_4

Do you know how long it takes to make 100 million?

1인 가구_1억 기준 저축 기간 정리표

▶ Single household_100 million standard savings period summary table

2인 가구_1억 기준 저축 기간 정리표

▶ Households for 2 people _ Summary table of savings periods based on 100 million

4인 가구_1억 기준 저축 기간 정리표

▶ Household of 4 people _ Summary table of savings periods based on 100 million

I divided it into 1, 2, and 4 person households and organized them in a table.

The condition here is to calculate the period during which you can save your salary and collect 100 million on the assumption that you live on a minimum cost of living.

Have you found a section that suits your salary and number of households? It takes quite a bit more time to make 100 million from savings than you might think.

< How long will you go to the company I published? > As I emphasize in the book, the era of being able to prepare for our old age with just a salary is over a long time ago. The company is not responsible for our old age, so we must prepare for it ourselves.

Is it really the right answer to just give yes/savings?

This is my actual yearly asset graph.

👉 2014 to 2016: A time when I was only reserves/savings

👉 2017 to present: Investing in equities+real estate

If you look at the graph above, even for me, my assets didn't increase rapidly when I was just making a deposit, but Since we started investing in stocks and real estate, we can see that the slope of assets has increased rapidly. I'm experiencing firsthand the benefits of benefits that we've seen a lot in books! .

Financial technology is easy if you remember the following 3 formulas.

스크루지 재테크 공장

▶ Scrooge Financial Factory

📍 thriftCollect investment funds through

📍 investsQuickly increase assets through

📍 Income other than salaryEarn more through.

Scrooge's financial factory will be based on the above 3 things!

Bonke earns income by working for a company, and earns additional income from capital income and income other than salary, which all of these incomes grow through savings and investment stages.

Of course, the investment process is difficult.

But there's an obvious solution!

우리가 생각하는 장기투자/ 실제 장기투자

▶ What we think of long-term investment/ Actual long-term investment

As those of you who have tried investing in stocks know, it's not as easy as you might think. If I buy it, it will drop off the next day, and if I sell it, I will experience the strange phenomenon of going up again the next day.

But I have a solution in my class! It's only been about 3 years since I started investing in stocks, but I've been studying for 3 years, devoting as little as 4 hours to as many as 8 hours a day. As a result, I learned how not to lose money from investing, and I have managed several stock study groups to share all of my know-how to the extent that students are 100% satisfied.

I am providing free templates that I use myself!

When I listen to financial lectures, there are many people who only explain theoretical things and don't give me tips that actually help me implement financial technology, right? I've listened to a lot of such courses, so I'm going to provide all the actual templates/checklists I use in my classes.

It took a lot of time and effort to create these materials, so I hope they will be of great help to the students! I'll reveal only a few representative files from the provided files!

📋 My Retirement Money Calculator

📋 Household account book template

📋 Stock/ETF analysis checklist

📋 Stock backtest result template

📋 Portfolio rebalancing calculator

📋 Collection of 100 sites required for investment

📋 Weekly blog plan

I will generously reveal my know-how and materials in the Class 101 class!

The path to N job is not difficult.

An introduction to Scrooge's N-job history

🥇 Launching a paid English app

🥇 Online/offline diet PT

🥇 Publication of blog monetization e-books

🥇 Financial community management

🥇 Management of financial study groups for office workers

🥇 Publish Publy paid content

🥇 Publication of financial books

🥇 Blog/YouTube/Naver Cafe/Instagram channel management

How can I do all of this while working?

I wasn't able to do many of these things at the same time from the very beginning, so I slowly increased them one by one. By the time one is set up well and my resources don't take up much, I try something new! If you're curious about how to earn income outside of your salary, I'll be your mentor!

When you have more trouble, you come up with excuses you shouldn't.

Now that I'm most passionate after reading this article! Let's start financial technology through my classes!👍



Hello! Jatech is Scrooge!


Money Management: Managing Money Systematically from Now on


Stock Investing 1: Setting the basic settings for investing in stocks


Stock Investing 2: Learn how to analyze companies/ETFs


Stock Investing 3: Learn stock investment strategies


Portfolios:: create your own portfolio


N Job:: Making non-salary income with a blog


Congratulations for your stubbornness-!


Skluzy's Invest

Skluzy's Invest

Hello! This is Scrooge, the financial creator!

A lot of people want to get rich. However, there are many people who can't even get started because they don't know where to start their studies. You'll feel like you're driving along a road without a navigation system. For those people, I'm sharing all the know-how I've learned over the years, from beginner to advanced financial skills, and I'm helping you create assets faster than me without trial and error.

Just as I started at 0 won at 26 and made a net worth of 1.8 billion in my 30s, I'm here to help you do it too!

If you have any questions while taking the course, please feel free to visit my blog and leave a comment!





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