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Yonina, financial freelancerMeet Class 101, a hobby that you can meet with the app Household account book online classIt creates.

I would like to introduce Yonina!제작자 소개

Hello! While running a financial blog, cafe, and YouTube Proper money managementI'm Yonina who shares her experiences so that she can do it. Currently working as a freelancer for a single-person company Lectures and columns on finance and household accounts We are active in various fields such as.

Do I have to keep a household account book? In the past, I had a positive hope that if I earned a lot of money, I would naturally be able to save a lot of money. However, even if I earn a lot, when my consumption increases that much, I always In placeAnd more so. Reflect on the past day and get the money you currently have How can I collect and use them well I was worried.

1567945646023-14.jpg I didn't want to give up my dream because of money anymore, so I went back to a household account book, which is the basis of money management. There are many household accounts on the market, but my hard work didn't have a big impact on my consumption habits.


Even if you write it once From consumption to financial products We've created a form where you can create materials you can get help with. <Yonina> In the class, we included only the information you need to manage your money through a household account book. This class will be conducted on “Yonina's Twice Household Account Book”!

Join me as the first step towards financial freedom so you don't give up on your dreams because of money.

Class recommendation target

  • Those who buy a household account book every year but end in 3 days
  • Those who use a household account book only as a record book
  • Those who spend hard but don't have any money left even though they always have a negative balance or don't buy expensive things
  • Those who want to identify consumption patterns and use them when choosing financial products
  • People who don't want to give up on their dreams because of money


Estimated class time

8 chaptersIt will be held in, and until stubbornness About 3 hours in total It takes. In order to create a habit of writing a household account book and identify consumption patterns, you must continue to write it for at least 3 months. We offer a course period to create a habit of writing a household account book with Yonina.

The time required may vary depending on the individual and the speed of progress.

What do you learn?

It's not about not spending money, it's about spending it well!

2020년 요니나 매일 한 장 가계부, 9월 16일 월요일 공식 런칭 ♡ (2).jpg

Instead of the obsessive idea that if you use a household account book, you should not spend money unconditionally Consume generously where you need itYou can have a mindset that can do it. You can learn how to reduce unnecessary consumption and focus on consumption for your dreams based on household account data.

Focus on predictable consumption

1567954234291-17.jpg A way to reduce the frequency of unplanned consumption, such as impromptu consumption and overconsumption. Let's try using a household account book** to focus on today's consumption**. Beyond recording the past, we develop the ability to self-plan for the present and future.

Your own financial products, choose your own

2020년 가계부 오늘 베스트 100 선정되었어요~ 신기해요! (1).jpg Even if I go to a financial company and use the products recommended by the staff, there are many cases where there is no benefit for me. How to properly select and utilize financial productsis the active use of household account book data. I don't drink coffee, but is there a cafe discount as a credit card benefit that I usually use? I pay a lot of transportation expenses, but are there any transportation-related benefits? If you don't know where to start checking, you should start by creating a household account book. I'll show you how to use the data.

Class preview

This is Yonina's basic household account book class. Here's how to properly use the household account book form. We plan to create a habit of searching for money that disappears without us even knowing** and predicting consumption in advance by looking for and filling out the forms included in volume 1. We welcome those who use a household account book for the first time, those who already use a household account book, and those who are single or married.


  • Lesson 1: Welcome to the Household Account Book Class, your first step towards financial freedom!
  • Lesson 2: Introducing Yonina!
  • Lesson 3: Here's a household account book to write together!

Chapter 1: Making Your Own Sorting DIY  나만의 분류 DIY 만들기 Lesson 1: Why you should create your own classification before you start creating a household account book Lesson 2: What are major categories and subcategories? (Conceptual summary) Lesson 3: Classifying large and small categories based on consumption history (single/marriage) Lesson 4: Learn about fixed expenses and variable expenses from divided categories

Chapter 2: Writing a Daily Household Account 20190826_094354.jpg Lesson 1: Introduction to the structure of a daily household account book page Lesson 2: Writing expenses Lesson 3: Writing card usage amounts and payment methods Lesson 4: Writing praise and reflection (benefits, waste) Lesson 5: Writing a consumption plan

Chapter 3: Writing a Weekly Household Account  일주일 가계부 작성하기 Lesson 1: Introduction to the structure of a weekly household account book page Lesson 2: Writing an analysis by classification Lesson 3: Writing a total expenditure and card usage amount by payment method Lesson 4: Finalizing this week and drawing up a consumption plan for the next week

Chapter 4: Drawing up an annual dream list and yearly planned consumption 연간 꿈 목록 및 연간 계획 소비 작성 Lesson 1: Benefits of creating a dream list Lesson 2: How to write a dream list Lesson 3: How to give feedback on a dream list Lesson 4: Why you should write an annual consumption plan Lesson 5: How to write an annual consumption plan

Chapter 5: Drawing up a monthly budget 한 달 예산 작성 Lesson 1: Introduction to the structure of a monthly budget page Lesson 2: How to use a monthly calendar Lesson 3: Create a monthly goal and consumption checklist Lesson 4: Create a budget for fixed expenses and variable expenses Lesson 5: Move to the settlement page in advance Lesson 6: How to create a one-week household budget balance

Chapter 6: Writing a Monthly Settlement 한 달 결산 작성 Lesson 1: Introduction to the one-month settlement page structure Lesson 2: How to write a settlement in 10 minutes Lesson 3: Income, Expenses, and Savings How to write a total settlement and card usage amount Lesson 4: End of the month and check the dream list Lesson 5: Move to a one-year settlement Lesson 6: Feedback for the first half and second half of the year

Chapter 7: Other Form Fillers 20190826_094339.jpg Lesson 1: How to write a short-term passbook Lesson 2: How to write a long-term passbook Lesson 3: Passbook at a glance User Guide Lesson 4: Card user guide at a glance Lesson 5: Mobile Gift Certificate List Lesson 6: Family Event Checklist Lesson 7: Reward Your Favor List Lesson 8: Wish List, Monthly Fixed Expense List


  • Congratulations on the stubbornness of the Household Account Book Class, the first step towards financial freedom.

The curriculum is subject to some changes, and content may be uploaded sequentially.

Q & A

Q. Do I need to keep a household account book even if my income is irregular or low? A. A household account book is not a tool that requires a lot of money. If you spend more than 1 won, it is important to check your consumption patterns while using a household account book. I'm also a freelancer, so my income is irregular. Therefore, we are further controlling consumption through household accounts.

Q. My consumption is obvious, and I spend a lot of small expenses instead of big money. Should I still use it? A. You need to start with small amounts of money and get the right habits so that you can spend wisely even when you spend big money. Even if the consumption pattern is obvious, there are many people who are surprised that there are many things that were missed when organizing a household account book, and that there is a lot of money to be counted when making a settlement. If you want to reduce consumption and improve your quality of life, be sure to use a household account book!

Q. After taking this class, can I continue to use it on my own? A. Absolutely! I'll even teach you how to create a household account book and use the data. Based on the data, you can check for yourself whether the card or passbook you are currently using is right for you. Also, if you don't want to fill out a household account book, you can visit Naver Cafe because there is a space where you can post a household account book. /





I'm Yonina who writes a household account book. How about checking your own financial products by creating a household account book, which is the most basic habit of managing money so that you don't give up on your dreams because of money?

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