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Why I invest in luxury goods

Collectible value and Investment value
societal Cultural status

External value vs. internal value

Nowadays, when everyone clearly shows external value through luxury goods,

It is a time when not only external values, but also inner values are more special.

As time goes by

The importance of inner values is increasing.

Conglomerates (families) and celebrities

Why choose French

This is because the value of French influence is growing more and more.

So many tablets∙It is the reason why business people and celebrities are choosing, and external value,

Together The best language to upgrade your inner values∙ It's culture.

French, the language of the world

01 French is the second most learned language in the world

전 세계 3억명 인구 사용, 국제기구에서 공용어로 채택

▶ Used by 300 million people worldwide, adopted as an official language by international organizations

02 The working language of international organizations, French

03 French, the most used language within French luxury brands

Reasons to upgrade your character & value

✅ Through French political, professional (business), cultural, economic, socialCan be used as

✅ including France and European countries Used in 43 countries on 5 continents for greater value and opportunity create

Specialized knowledge in various fields (politics, economics, trade, art, architecture, fashion, cooking, cinema, travel, etc.) procurement

French, just one thing, all of you

You can learn more about your field of expertise and broaden your horizons.

5 things you'll get from French classes

01 Basic conversation is possible locally in France

02 Practical application conversation possible

03 Increase your value and opportunities through new experiences

04 You can continue to study together through French language study communities (online and offline)

05 Through studying French, I learned how to study English that I couldn't say a word, and improved my skills

Maximize your skills by studying French while using it yourself

French is worth investing more than luxury goods

There's no better investment than self-development.

I hope you face an upward trend in your life due to French investment.

Do you want to invest for your inner worth?

세상에서 제일 가치 있고 귀한 명품은 자기 자신 입니다.

▶ The most valuable and precious luxury in the world is yourself.

Instead of Louis Vuitton and Chanel, please upgrade your values through French and French culture.

Class satisfaction 5/5

100% real reviews of French classes

I only want to learn French, the teacher I only want to know, Kim Seo-hyun

수강생 후기

수강생 후기

수강생 후기

수강생 후기

수강생 후기

수강생 후기

올해 가장 잘한 투자는 프랑스어를 배운 것!

▶ My best investment this year was learning French!

배우기 전, 가장 잘한 선택은 나만 알고 싶은 선생님, 김서현 만난 일!

▶ Before learning, the best choice I made was to meet Kim Seo-hyun, a teacher I only wanted to know!

프랑스어 입문의 시작은 프랑스어는 김서현

▶ The beginning of the introduction to French is Kim Seo-hyun

프랑스어 수업의 질과 퀄리티 높은 강의를 제공하기 위해 끊임없이 연구하겠습니다.

▶ We will continue to research the quality of French lessons and provide high-quality courses.

전세계 상류층들의 언어 프랑스어 당신의 품격을 업그레이드하세요

▶ Upgrade your style, French, the language of the world's upper class



Selena KIM

Selena KIM


Bonjour. I'm Kim Seo-hyun, a French teacher.


  • 15 years living in France
  • Admission to the Université Grenoble Josephe Fourier Medical School in France
  • France Université Paris5-René Descartes Department of Psychology
  • Myeongdeok Foreign Office, Ehwa Foreign Affairs Department, Foreign Affairs Department, and Sueong Specialist
  • TCF, DELF, DALF, and many other interpreter/translation experience

French instead of Louis Vuitton and Chanel! French culture!

Now, experience an advanced hobby that will upgrade your value!

Thank you Merci.







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