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Skills You’ll Learn

1. Learn the basics of German

From the German alphabet to test preparation! Let's learn step by step.

2. Flowers, vocabulary and grammar in German

When learning German, you need to know this much! Learn essential vocabulary and grammar.

3. Wear naturally with contextual expressions

Learn and use frequently used expressions and sentences for each situation.

4. From my friendliness to the German exam!

All about the German Proficiency Test (ZD)! Let's find out together.

Stop German trial and error! Have fun building up the basics of German here!

Here are the students' live reviews and comments!

수강생 후기

“Other than English, which is spoken by everyone else, is there a language where I can have my own competitiveness?

Now I want to learn a new language!”

I've been studying English for over 10 years since I was in elementary school, but now it's a “must” because it's a language spoken by everyone.

Is there a language that can give me a competitive edge?

I want to learn a new language too! There are times when I do it.

For those of you 'German'I recommend it!


I'm a leading actor in German classes.

I've been in a relationship with Germany since I was studying in Germany when I was a teenager, and now I'm entering my 8th year of teaching as a German teacher!

I didn't start out like my native language either, so I've had a lot of trouble studying German.

Now I'm trying to gather all the difficult experiences I had at the time and deliver German to students in a faster and easier way.

💡 Career matters

  • CEO of German education platform Geischle
  • Hackers HRD German Mentor
  • Hackers Champstudy Advanced German
  • Hackers Champstudy Native Speaker Conversation Course
  • German Language Courses at Presbyterian Theological Seminary
  • German language courses for lawyers/expatriates
  • Many company attendance

📕 benthic

  • My Daily 1-Line German Writing Handbook/ People of the Age

German is a “regular and reasonable” language!

It's not difficult.

“I heard that German has a lot of trouble, and that it also has saints...”

German is a language with very clear grammar rules, so even if you learn the basics well, you can quickly improve your skills within the rules.

So rather than the English I've learned for over 10 years There are many people who advance to the intermediate level in a much shorter period of time.

It's regular and reasonable, so I hope you'll find it rewarding to improve your skills in the process of understanding and learning!

If so, German,

Why should I learn?

First, the most spoken language in the European Union (EU)!

Stop the prejudice that German is only spoken in Germany! It is spoken as a native language in various countries, from Germany to Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.

Second, improving international competitiveness in terms of career!

The fact is that all of these companies that have great influence in various fields of the global market, such as BMW, Allianz, Siemens, and DHL, are all German companies! DID YOU KNOW?

Even a number of German small and medium-sized enterprises that have entered Korea. Not only do you get the chance to knock on the door of a hidden German company that is a hidden champion, but also gain a competitive edge in a global career.

Third, the language that underlies learning

Germany and Austria are countries that have made a lot of academic progress, so there are a variety of German-based academic sources. You can take your expertise to the next level and get lots of help in understanding the culture.

Includes basics+vocabulary+grammar

All-in-one self-study class for beginners

Through this class, you can...

📌 German, which you only thought was difficult, will be fun.

Our German self-taught classes will help you overcome your fear of German and feel the joy of the German language.

📌 You can have confidence in German with all the essential expressions.

In my class, I learn useful expressions that can be used in each situation, so I will help you gain the “confidence” to speak German in situations you often encounter.

📌imperceptibly Increased German skills

Many students often “just” memorize vast amounts of grammar and vocabulary, but when studying like this, it often happens that they cannot use them in situations where they are needed.

Instead of a “random memorization” learning method, let's learn German “naturally” while taking classes and practice so that you can use German “naturally”.





Guten Tag! Freut mich!

This is my “karma” after a complex period of time that was really loving, broken, and difficult, until I became a German language teacher from an Asian international student who had been struggling to survive alone in Germany.

The country called Germany, which is located on the other side of Korea, may be unfamiliar, but Germany's unique practical culture, frugal national character, and charming pronunciation! I will be able to organize a rich class so that I can deliver them all. I'll see you in class!







단어장 구매 링크

단어장 구매 링크

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