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About the class

This class is designed for classmates who want to learn German properly from teachers who specialize in German. This is a class that can be taken by anyone from a beginner in German who doesn't even know the German alphabet to those who have been studying German for a long time but haven't improved their German skills.

If you learn German similarly to English, it becomes difficult to get lost in beginner or intermediate levels, wasting time and moving on to the intermediate and advanced levels. Through this class, you can develop proper German language skills by accurately organizing German grammatical concepts from the beginning and following German-like German training.

If you stick to the class, you'll soon discover your German language skills with a solid and solid foundation. Let's stop wasting time studying German in vain and start studying German properly with me, a teacher who specializes in German.

Course effect

  • You'll learn how to find the German dictionary you need to learn German.
  • You will understand basic German grammatical concepts such as last names, numbers, and equations.
  • By understanding regular German principles, you will be able to not only speak German but also write.
  • Through German training tailored to German characteristics, you will be able to speak clear German.

Recommended target

  • Those who want to speak German from beginner to intermediate
  • Those who want to learn the basics of German properly without wasting time
  • Those who have continued to study German but are worried that their German language skills have not improved
  • Those who want to develop global competitiveness, such as studying in Germany, working in Germany, or immigrating to Germany

Class sneak peek

Point 1. Start with the right way to find German dictionaries!

독일어 사전 찾는 방법

Point 2. From conversation to writing with regular German principles!

Point 3. Train your German like German!

독일어 사전 찾는 방법

Notes before taking the course

  • Grabbing the will to German: Grabbing the will to speak German as the second language in my life
  • Set a study schedule: How many times a week, how many minutes a day, and how many hours you can study
  • Feel free to ask questions: If you don't know anything, feel free to ask that Money Sam

2 reasons why this class is special

❶ Across academies, schools, and companies

German language expert teacher, Germany

Guten Tag! I graduated from HUFS with a master's degree in German language, worked as a German teacher for 8 years, and gained experience teaching German in various places (academies, schools, companies, etc.). In particular, by giving lectures to executives of German companies such as Ben*, people who don't know much about German but need German have upgraded their skills and spread their German learning know-how.

I will put the expertise and experience I have built up over time into this class and teach German properly, just like German. I will develop the strength to study on my own so that I can continue to learn German and upgrade my skills even after strenuous classes.

❷ From German beginners to flimsy intermediates

Classes that teach German properly

This class is suitable for everyone, from beginners in German who don't even know the German alphabet to flimsy intermediates who have learned German but are still not confident in German. In particular, the reason intermediate German students can't move on to the advanced level is because they haven't organized the most basic parts of German properly. If you're new to German, you can follow the curriculum step by step from the beginning; if you're an intermediate German, skip the first part of the curriculum and pick from the parts you're usually confused about will be a more effective class.

독일어기초 (5).png

독일어기초 (6).png



Germanworld Germany

Germanworld Germany

Master of German Studies & Year 8 of German Language Teaching

It's Money Sam:)

Having gone unaware of the German alphabet in my early 20s, I remember everything from crossing language limitations and hurdles in Germany to being able to communicate smoothly. It's been 8 years since I started teaching German because I had a hard time learning German, and I wanted to help others make it even a little less difficult.

After trying to improve the German language skills of many people and helping them successfully complete their studies abroad, immigration, and travel, it was a great meaning in my life to occasionally receive news at the end of the year that they were doing well.

From the dedicated attendance of Ben* Korea executives to the class, I incorporated the know-how I learned from classes with members of three German companies and municipal orchestras, national team equestrians, international soccer students, K-12 students who will attend school in Germany, and current German language and university students. We'll help you understand German in a cool and clear way. With years of steady research, including the German Education Society, I am confident that I can suggest a fast and accurate path for learning German! Let's take a safe and fast German shortcut with me ^^!!





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