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✈ Introducing the elegant French that comes out of my mouth and “My First French Lesson” that will make your future trip to Paris 100 times more enjoyable!

About the class

Déjà-vu (déjà-vu) rosé (élite)... Yes, you already knew a lot of French and even used it. France was closer to us than we thought.

I think there are many people who are going to France, which they missed so much when the flight route opens again, or is on their international travel bucket list. Also, there are a lot of people who want to know not only French but also the culture of the country called France more deeply.

The course I have prepared is a special French course designed for those who are preparing for a trip to France and for those who want to learn at least once because their French pronunciation is beautiful and elegant.

This is not a simple French grammar or French exam preparation class, but a class open for those who are waiting for a fun lesson to learn French language and French culture together in a storytelling format.

Starting with French expressions I already know or have heard, I'll learn French used in a variety of situations, and survival French that I always use while traveling.

Also, they learn French by talking not only about food, but also about French culture that is different and interesting from our country, such as cohabitation, vacation culture, etc. It's probably going to be a special French language & French culture class that I haven't heard before.

Delicious croissants and a cup of coffee at an open-air cafe, a red sunset over the Seine, and the sparkling Eiffel Tower seen through wine glasses... We invite you to the French spirit you've always dreamed of.

Course effect

  • You can learn French naturally by talking about fun and different French culture.
  • Unlike basic French grammar classes, which can be a bit boring or difficult, I learn survival French based on the French I already know.
  • You can learn KakaTalk profiles and pretty French phrases that are great for tattooing, and it will be a different kind of French class, such as learning perfume terms in French.
  • ah! I also teach English in the middle of the class, so you can study English and French at the same time.

Recommended classes

  • People who are interested in the country called France and French culture
  • Those who want to fill themselves up by learning a new language
  • Those who dream of traveling to France or studying in France
  • Those who are thinking about tattoos, KakaTalk profiles, and brand names in French

At the end of each lesson, I'll post an additional file recording the important expressions I learned that day, so be sure to listen and review them!

Why don't you join me and cancel a flight ticket to France right now? 🔖

A collection of reviews of “French lessons only I want to know”

À bientôt!

Let's meet in our class!



Bonne nuit

Bonne nuit

Bonjour tout le monde. Je suis Bonne nuit!

Hello, my name is “Bonnu” and I'm active as a French interpreter, English and French MC, French teacher, and YouTuber.

✔ Graduated from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Graduate School of Interpretation and Translation, Han Bu and GSIT

✔ Study in France, specialized in English and French courses, special lectures at universities

✔ Born in the US, lived in France for 10 years, lived in France for 2 years

✔ 10th year interpreter/translation experience including Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Promotion Committee, Chanel Le Sajou, and Buly 1803

✔ 8th year French culture, French content creator (collaboration with French Embassy Culture)

Bonne Nuit 본뉘

Bonne Nuit 본뉘



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