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MonoTree for how to express your own musical color

You will find a complete guide with the songwriters G-high, Hwang Hyun, and Lee Joo-hyoung, and learn from them the composition methods and mindset required of a songwriter.

This Class Is For :

  • People who want to become songwriters

  • People who currently work as songwriters

  • Those who enjoy and like MonoTree music

  • Those who are curious about MonoTree songwriters' work process


MonoTree, a songwriter group with a strong fandom inspired by their outstanding musical expertise!

G-high, Hwang Hyun and Lee Joo-hyoung, who lead MonoTree, help aspiring Songwriters figure out what kind of music they want to make and whether they want to make music. The kind of songwriter they are talking about is not simply a person who makes songs.

A songwriter in the popular music industry is like a strategist who must have a business mind as well as musical sensibility.

As senior operators in the industry, the three of them share their personal experiences from the perspective of a songwriter's real life and profession, as well as sharing their know-how for technical and emotional work. They also made songs with their own identity as a single motif, and they went through the process together. Through this, you will be able to learn various composition methods that reveal the personalities of the three people.

They look back on their original intentions and give realistic advice about what a songwriter, and moreover a producer, does and what kind of work they do.

MonoTree will be an opportunity for those who want to become songwriters to work to realize their dreams.


Q. I want to become a songwriter, what should I do?

These days, you can get your skills recognized by sending a demo reel to a publishing company like MonoTree. When you sign a contract as a songwriter through a publishing company, a network that can send songs to agencies is naturally set up.

If you are well prepared, this is a good time to start a songwriter.

Whether it's a publishing company or an agency,

we recommend that you keep knocking on a company that feels right for you.

Q. What should I do if the music I want to do is far from popular?

G-high /

When it comes to popularity and commerciality, I think we can discuss them from a strategic point of view rather than a musician's mind.

Songs that are already popular, that is, songs on the charts, are easily borrowed by and influence other songwriters.

Therefore, competitiveness is reduced. You don't have to ignore popularity, but if you don't have your own color, the production company will not be very interested, would they?

I think songs that naturally move one's own heart will move the hearts of others.

Also, a song that overly focuses on sales will show just as such.

Of course, it's up to you which approach to composing you want to focus on.

Q. Are there any things to remember for composition practice?

Hwang Hyun /

Do not stop working halfway, and simply complete one song.

It's because only when you finish a song, it becomes a song.

Making a song requires a lot of processes,

such as selecting a source, melody, lyrics, arranging, recording, mixing, and mastering.

As you study, you will need to accumulate know-how for these things to improve your skills.

If you don't finish a song,

it's not a 'practice'; you just haven't finished it.

Q. What kind of mindset should you have as a songwriter?

Lee Joo-hyoung /

I think you should also know how to present a color that is slightly different

from the existing feeling pursued by artists or producers.

For example, it's like presenting an melodramatic sound to a hip-hop artist or a refreshing sound

and cuteness to an artist who is focused solely on great performances.

Rather than trying to come forward, I think, we should constantly try to figure out

how we can make the artist shine more.





G-highㅣ Co-CEO of MonoTree

  • Infinite - Hysterie

  • Super Junior Ryeowook - Sugar

  • Kara - Secretly, Secretly

  • Ladies' Code - Galaxy

  • Loona - Butterfly

Hwang HyunㅣCo-CEO of MonoTree

  • SHINee - Aside

  • ONF - We Must Love / Beautiful Beautiful / Moscow Moscow

  • Loona - Hi High

  • Red Velvet - DAY 1

  • Ladies' Code - The Rain

Lee Joo-hyoung ㅣ Co-CEO of MonoTree

  • Taeyeon - I'm All Ears / Do You Love Me? / Farewell

  • TWICE - Say Yes / 21:29

  • EXO - My Answer / Stronger

  • GOT7 - Take Me To You

  • Red Velvet - Moonlight Melody / Blue Lemonade / Take It Slow

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