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Skills You’ll Learn

Shooting a Pet Video

Let's learn how to shoot more easily in a variety of ways with pets with kimmejoo's unique know-how.

Creating Content That Increases Views and Watches Time

Let's create videos to attract subscribers with my tips. None of your content would be boring from now on!

Editing Videos With Premiere Rush

Let's learn the essentials and try easy video editing!

Making Your Thumbnails Stand Out

Let's make thumbnails that catch the subscriber's eye in the vague amount of videos.

Becoming a Pet YouTuber Not Just a YouTuber

Let's talk about various tips and attitudes that pet YouTubers should keep in mind.

Shoot and edit with your smartphone without any professional equipment like a camera!

Start making your pet's YouTube channel with kimmejoo

You may have thought of your baby that they have too much cuteness to handle! Maybe you've thought of uploading the video of them too? Without any professional tips or a camera, you can make those videos easily too! Let's make a <Pet YouTube Channel> with me, kimmejoo.

This Class is Especially For...

📍 Those who want to open a YouTube channel for pets but just don't feel comfortable

📍 Those who want to learn from the basics of shooting and editing pet videos

📍 Those who have taken a lot of videos but haven't started yet because they think video editing will be difficult

📍 Those who want to generate additional income with pet videos

You can just start with your phone, no need for those fancy cameras!
I started filming with my phone too :)

From an ordinary office worker to 590,000 YouTuber

Hello, I'm kimmejoo, the owner of the YouTube star cat 'Munbonghyuyo'.

I started my YouTube channel because I wanted to create and make memories with my cats since they don't live as long as I do. And now it is the sixth year. Over the years, I've made over 1,000 videos, 590,000 subscribers to the channel, and 200 million views.

김메주와 고양이들 채널As an office worker knowing nothing about YouTube, I adopted a kitten after the marriage. Since I already had experience of living with three cats before the marriage, I kind of regretted how I haven't filmed much at that time. And that was the reason why I started filming Yoji, my cat's adoption process, and posting it on YouTube. The planning skills I gained through various experiences were very helpful. However, learning video editing on my own was quite tough and now, I've gained the know-how to share it with you all.

How is a pet channel different from a regular YouTube channel?

I've written a book that has became a bestseller for 4 years in a row while building a rapid growth of my YouTube channel. ㄴSince the book was written for all YouTube channels, in this class I will majorly talk about specific pet YouTube channels, so no worries! As a pet YouTuber, let me show you how to operate a pet channel!

I'll show you how to plan for a pet channel, captur my babies naturally on camera, and how to edit something that is easy enough for anyone to try, yet essential!

🙋🏻‍♀️ I'll introduce you all about these...

1. How to use Premier Rush on a smartphone or tablet without a PC

The English tool buttons you see when you turn on the Premier Pro for the first time would be quite panicable... You've probably thought why there are so many windows and you don't even know what they are. I was just like you when I first used this tool.

But “Premiere Rush” is different!

Compared to Premier Pro, Premier Rush is a much simpler, lighter, easier, and cheaper program. You can even use it on a smartphone or tablet, even if it's not necessarily a PC. I will tell you the essentials from installing the program to completing the video, so please feel free to follow along. You'll soon get used to video editing!

2. kimmejoo's pet content-producing tips

My babies are so cute!! But have no clue where to start...
How should I start filming if they run away
whenever I try to take a video of them?

I've had the same concern as you did before. Wanna know how I overcame this challenge? From an introduction to the equipment, catching topics, tips on catching the theme of each video, how to get viral abroad, and a list of the main free resource sites, I'll be happy to share all my know-how.

For those who want to start your YouTube channel to collect memories of pets, I'll tell you A to Z about making pet content.

3. Finally making the first video of my pet!


A handful of lectures where you can read and follow along with each video full of kimmejoo's real-time cases! You have so many cute things to show the subscribers of your pets! Tell them that you'll surely make a video showing everyone what you see about your baby! Let's start making our first video with me!

4. Catching the attention of YouTube viewers

Why does a pet channel viewer subscribe to these pet channels? I will show you how to create a video that would be memorable for you and also the subscribers. Let's learn how to make clickable thumbnails and YouTube shorts!

Six years ago, when there were no lectures on YouTube, I was struggling and studying videos on my own. Maybe I would have saved a lot of time if I had a lecture like this, right? Just as I was able to be self-taught, you can definitely learn how to make pet videos with just this course. I'll share with you all the know-how I've built up and the many things I've learned by running into them.

Time to start making
your pet's YouTube channel!





Hi, y'all!

I am kimmejoo. I majored in visual design at university and studied branding in graduate school. 9 years of working as a graphic designer and now I finally became a YouTuber.

I began uploading videos on YouTube first by posting a video about the adoption process of my youngest cat ''Yoji" on my YouTube <MejooandCats>. My channel is viral not only in Korea but also overseas, and surpassed 590,000 subscribers and 200 million views nowadays.

김메주와 고양이들

김메주와 고양이들





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