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Class introduction

End with 4 data analysis techniques, 4 data visualizations, and 2 practical projects <Excel data marketing analysis>

This class is for marketers as well as anyone who wants to use data for their business. Work with an incumbent Kakao affiliate CRM data analyst to discuss the state of the business The most similar type of marketing data analysis project I will proceed.

You don't necessarily need to learn new programs like Python or R to analyze data. Using Excel, which is a program we are relatively familiar with, we learn and practice various techniques for analyzing data such as correlation analysis, ABC analysis, cohort analysis, and RFM analysis.

You will experience the entire process of data analysis through a curriculum designed in 5 steps: [Preprocessing of data into a form suitable for analysis] → [Exploratory data analysis based on basic statistical knowledge] → [Application of data analysis techniques using Excel] → [Visualization according to data type] → [Implementation of practical projects].

Course effect

  • Kakao affiliate data analysts can experience the data analysis process used in the business.
  • You can have <data analysis thinking methods> that are not limited to program usage.
  • You can learn and practice various data analysis techniques using Excel.

Recommended target

  • Those who want to analyze business data using Excel
  • Those who want to gather insights by organizing and simply analyzing countless amounts of data
  • Those who want to develop data preprocessing, analysis techniques, visualization, and data interpretation skills necessary for practical work

Two things make this class special

❶ Can be used in the business unconditionally

Data analysis methods

Even beginners who have not dealt with data can easily discover insights through data analysis, and we have organized classes with data analysis techniques that are highly likely to be applied in business.

While learning the theory, you can experience the process of deriving insights from the actual business by conducting practical exercises with the most similar example (commerce purchase data) to the data set covered in practice.

❷ To be able to analyze even if you are not good at Excel,

Provide a summary of functions required for analysis

Can't you analyze data if you don't know how to use the program? I don't think the depth of knowledge about tools should directly affect business data utilization. Therefore, we learn how to analyze data using Excel, which is easily accessible to everyone.

It is explained step by step according to the beginner's eye level so that no one has trouble using the program, and provides a separate summary of Excel functions that require additional applications. It is prepared so that anyone can do it without basic knowledge of the tools, so please come with the confidence that < I can do it> too!





Hello, I'm Lee Geon-seung, a CRM analyst at Kakao affiliate who runs the Data Marketing Study Room channel. We deliver data knowledge that anyone can easily understand through YouTube, blog, and Instagram.

Present) Kakao affiliate CRM analyst

Former) Data analyst for LG Uplus, SK Store, etc.

  • SK NEW SCHOOL Data Analysis Course Lecture (2020, 2021)
  • Running Spoons Nano Degree Domain (Retail Industry) Lecture (2020)
  • How to market a popular brand (Prosview, 2022)

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